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Bitch on a plane

I recently had a 5 hour flight and I had pre selected the seat I wanted on the aisle, a mum with her toddler walked up to me and told me they're next to the widow ( no seperate seat for bub) she asked me if she could have the aisle and I said no then she blurted out " but I have a baby" well you probably should have been more organised and pre selected your seat, a guy came up to her and offered her his aisle seat, now I'm sitting there looking like a complete bitch holding up the line ๐Ÿ™„


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Unfortunately some people think that once they have had a child the whole world revolves around them! Just shrug it probably won't see anybody from the flight again so who cares what they think of you.

I read the title in my head with a Samuel L Jackson voice

 Pulp fiction lol
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 I think Samuel L Jackson was in Snakes on a Plane? Can't be sure, was a pretty forgettable movie lol
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I really think you deserved those nasty looks. Seriously it costs nothing to be a decent person, and you would have made someone else's life so much easier by co operating. It was only a seat, swap positions with that mum. You don't know why she was flying, but you made it harder for her just to make yourself more comfortable.
But that's the problem with people now, everyone is only for the good of themselves and no one wants to help out. Karma, love. I do hope nasty people meet karma.

 There is no reason why the mother couldn't have sat on the window seat. She was just being an entitled "Iook at me I have a child" twat.
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 It's hard climbing over people across the aisle, even harder when you have a baby. And it's not much fun being climbed over either, especially as with a baby you're probably getting out of that seat more often than someone without a baby. It's not about being entitled, it's about making life a bit easier for everyone.
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 Then the mum should have asked for an isle seat! It's not rocket science! Before kids I turned up early for flights to ask for isle seats or booked them online. Now with kids, I'm even earlier to do the same because it IS hard climbing over people but I don't expect the world to stop turning for my kids. Some parents are just idiots ๐Ÿ™„
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 You can turn up as early as you like and still not get an isle seat. No you should expect anything just because you have kids but a little compassion goes a long way.
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 Airlines have disclaimers that say that they can't guarantee a seat but turn up early enough or book early enough as I have done my whole life and you will get the seat you want. I have never not sat on the isle because j get horrible motion sickness and claustrophobic when sat by the window and people around me. I've travelled my whole life, too so I didn't just get lucky once or twice; I always sat by the isle. Compassion yes but f**k compassion when people expect you to bend backwards for them- ie mums who say 'but I have a baby".
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 'Some parents are just idiots'

Hmmmm.... And some are just so judgemental. Sometimes no matter what you do, check in as early as possible for example, an aisle seat is not possible.

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yeah I think its rude to expect somebody to swap seats. If they offer off their own back then that's nice of them but to ask is rude.

 It isn't rude. Not if you ask nicely and don't expect them to say yes.
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 Right, except this lady clearly expected the answer to be yes.
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 Well, yes in this situation the lady was rude. But the OP of this post said its rude to ask. It depends how you ask, and how graciously you accept a no.
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 I'm the OP of this post and I think its rude because it comes with an expectation. The mother should have booked an aisle (NOT ISLE FFS ) seat.
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 ^ but as has already been said a number of times, you can't always do that. Why is it rude to ask? There isn't always an expectation like you say. I posted earlier, I asked and the person said no. Maybe she thought it was rude of me, like you do. Maybe she thought we should have checked in early (we did) or booked our seats online (we couldn't). And she probably felt justified in her disgraceful attitude towards me every time I needed to get out of my seat and further inconvenience her. All I did was what the person at check in suggested when I wasted for an aisle seat. Sometimes no matter what you do, peop,e will judge you!
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 This is actually a really interesting example of something called "ask culture" - look it up! Weirdly the world is divided into 2 groups, 1 - those who think it's fine to ask anything, even really outrageous requests, as long as you are happy to accept a 'no' in response, and 2 - those who think it's impolite to even ask for something unless you are already pretty sure the answer will be 'yes'.
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 ^ but asking to swap seats because you have a valid reason isn't a ridiculous request. i have asked to swap seats, but I'm not one to always ask anything of anyone, especially if its ridiculous. But in this instance, I did. And got knocked back, rudely. Which reminded me why I never usually ask, especially ask strangers. Maybe some people fall into the 'always say no and be really rude about it' group?
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I think the way she asked was rude "i have a baby" but she probably thought it would be better for both of you since she would have to get up and down with her baby for nappy changes ect. I wouldnt think asking to switch was rude at all, even witbout a baby some people like the aisle and not every flight/airline lets you pre book a seat.

Who cares what they think!! Plus you just got out of sitting next to someone with a kid.

I had this happen before. I prebooked bulk head seats for an 11 hour flight. These older ladies were sat in our seats when we boarded the plane and I said those are our seats and was told,'we're old, we should sit here with more leg room'. To which I said you should have booked them the ! Move it! Some ppl think they're so entitled cuz they're old or have a kid. Flying a 45 minute flight from LAX to Seattle they had no seats together and I have 3 kids lol my youngest was 2 and I buckled her in her seat and told the man I'm on the back, good luck lol he moved quick lol

 If you have little kids and didn't get seated you are entitled to ask, then insist someone changes seats with you.
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I flew from Singapore to Brisbane. To my right I had a father and his baby. To my
Left I had a spare seat with s broken entertainment system than 2 other passengers so the 5 seats along the middle. This bloke expected me to move over to the seat in the middle, it was a long flight and I selected this airline and paid the extra for the onflight entertainment (it was a new thing at the time) I offered to take the Isile seat... He also wanted the Isile. I was like ahh your choice Isile or extra seat. I settled in watching movies ignoring the kid carrying on, dad was not coping... Not my problem! He took the kid for a lap around the plane and the hostess asked me what my child would like to eat...I than noticed dirty looks from other passengers. I
Announced loudly that it was not my child and I had offered to swap seats so they could have 2 seats and pointed at the sign on the broken Tv. I asked the hostess if I could be moved elsewhere.... Plane was full.
To top it off the mother came to check on them from business class and asked me why I wouldn't move! I told her maybe instead of travelling business she should have paid for a seat for her child!!!

It's AISLE. So painful reading everyone's versions of how they think it's spelt.

 For you maybe...says more about you than anyone else
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You cannot always pre select your seat when travelling with children under 2. Well, not when my kids were under 2. I was that bitch you refer to once. Travelling with my son, who was 8 months old. Asked for an aisle seat at check in, they said can't be done and to ask the person sitting next to me if I could swap. I did, as politely as possible and she refused. I then warned her I'd have to get up out of me seat a couple of times during the 7 hour flight to change my sons nappy. Every time I politely asked her to move so I could get out to change him, she eye rolled me and sighed. And again each time I returned. Even the air hostie commented to me how rude she was. Guess it wasn't me with the baby who was the bitch...

 Check in early and ask for an aisle
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 We did check in early, we were actually at the counter when it opened. Read my post, we did request aisle. Obviously all the aisle seats were taken earlier during online check in. After I asked the lady on the aisle if we could please swap and she said no, I warned her that I'd have to get up at least once during the flight. Her unnecessary rudeness was my issue. Anyone who has an aisle seat in cramped economy should expect to have to get out of their seat during the flight at least once for other passengers in the row, especially a flight more than 1- 1 1/2 hours long.

I know people say that parents travelling with babes are entitled. Not all parents. Certainly not me, I was ok with this lady refusing to switch, she didn't have to. But the attitude you cop from fellow passengers when you do travel with babies and young children is quite astounding. Both my kids have always been very good travellers. So the attitude is not always warranted.

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 Check in online. Problem solved.
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 ^ I have not always been able to check in online when travelling with kids under 2.
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It can work against you to have the isle seat with a child. I sat next to a lady with a 1ish child. She had a lot of trouble getting the baby to sleep, about 15 minutes after the baby was asleep I had to go to the toilet. The baby woke as I got out the seat and didn't go back to sleep.

"I need an aisle. I get much sicker near the window. Unless you want vomit all over this general area, I'm sitting in this seat. It's the reason I made sure an aisle would be available to me."

I've always checked in early enough to choose my seat or I've preselected online. Yes with children under 2 it is possible. Sometimes you suck it up and Sometimes people can find it in them to bend a little to help a sister out.