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Husband says it's fine but after other opinions haha

So I've started antibiotics for an infection in my belly button. Been 24 hours on antibiotics and I am feeling better, the pain has already stopped. But one area came to a head (if that's the correct terminology) of pus. Was cleaning in the shower and the skin of that are broke and all this pus and blood came out (not heaps only a bit, the area wasn't very big). I'm freaking out. Hubby said it's a good thing. It's so hard to get into a doctor here so I would have to go to urgent care and I feel like I would waste their time because I'm paranoid hahaha. What do you think?


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Had same thing after having my appendix out through a laparoscopy. That’s fine it’s good. Don’t stress. Dry it put betadine on and a water proof dressing which I was told to wear full time for 3 weeks and change every two days.

Agree with hubby. Keep on taking your antibiotics too. Obviously the infection is still present

Keep the area dry, and put some antiseptic on it. It will be fine.

OP Yeah I got some betadine and using a hair dryer. I just saw the pics and freaked out. But I have a tendency to panic, slightly hahaha
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