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What do you take for hay fever ? What mgs?


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Telfast 180mg once a day, can take at night if you are really struggling

 Same here
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I used to take telfast but my mum told me i shouldn’t take it with antidepressants so I just suffer through hay fever 😨😳
Anyone know anything about it.. not asking for particular medical advice just ideas etc

 She's thinking of cold and flu tablets. Antihistamines are fine but you can always double check with your pharmacist to be sure.
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 Your mum is most definitely 100 percent incorrect
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 Why listen to someone who isn’t a doctor ?
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Zyrtec some people get drowsy

 I take this!
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Nasonex up my nose. Better than antihistamine tablets as no sleepiness.

Has your neighbour got a tree you want cut down? That or they should move .... Right?! 🤣

Telfast 180mg 70 tablets chemist warehouse
Cheaper to buy in bulk and chemist warehouse

Fexofenadine 180mg

 That's the same as telfast
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 It’s cheaper
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