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Pregnant with my third child

I am looking at upgrading my car. My question is would you buy a 5 seater or a 7 seater ages 7, 3, and due in 7 months with my third. I was thinking 7 seater as when my parents visit from interstate or can pick extra kids etc up. Hubby has his own 5 seater car.


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Oh wow.... the self righteousness in this thread. Yes, she’s in early stages of pregnancy. Yes there’s a risk she might lose it, especially before 12 weeks. But ffs. She said she’s looking at upgrading, not going out and buying one tomorrow. She asked a question about a bigger car. Not when she should be buying one, if she is at a great risk of miscarriage, or even if she should be having a third child. If you can’t answer the question just move along. Why is that so hard for some of you?

I have 3 kids and an 8 seater Kia grand carnival. Was great having a third row because my eldest was getting squashed between two car seats in our old car. They are older now so no car seats BUT they have friends that I ferry about. It’s also great because I can pick up our elderly parents if we all want to go somewhere as a family. Had it for years now and still suits us perfectly. Oh, and I’ve never had to pay delivery for anything because everything fits in the back!

 I second this and can not wait to be able to purchase one myself
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 You will love it. So easy to drive and doesn’t feel like a big car.
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If you're only 8 weeks pregnant you should probs hold off on massive purchases like a new car 😵

 That’s what I was about to say. Too earlier to be making massive decisions
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 How is this too early? If she has had a scan and heartbeat seen risk of m/c is 1.9%. Same as after 12 week scan! And 7 months isn’t long.
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 Risk is 1 in 3 before 12 weeks isn't it?
I'm not suggesting it'll happen, no one wants that for anyone.
But back to the question, I have 3 kids (10,12,14) and bought an 8 seater van 2 years ago.. Best decision ever. With all the extra kids that stay over, van is almost full more often than not

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Answered by OP

Op here- thanks to those that answered my question.

The others - going on about miscarrige and stillborns, stop being idiots.. we have enough idiotic people in the society. If you are so full of hate- get help.

We have 2 x 5 seaters. Hubby has a little yaris (surprisingly spacious) and I have a Camry. My eldest is 8, then I have a 6 yr old and youngest is 3. So we only have 1 carseat and 1 booster now. Whatever car you go with, just make sure you take your seats and try them in the car to make sure it works for you. How often would you actually pick up other kids? How often do your folks visit and would it be that bad to take 2 cars when you go out? I usually have a seat spare because hubby works 6 days a week. Just make a list of pros/cons for each vehicle you look at and make sure you test drive.

Go for the bigger car if you can afford it. We went for the 5 seater and then a few years later woopsy daisy, baby number 4 came along. Now we are stuck in the house because we don't fit in our car, can't afford another, and public transport here sucks (the plus side is, because I walk everywhere now, my arse and legs look great)

Are you looking at a new car? Is so, wait until the end of financial year plate sales, when they get rid of old models to make way for the new. I’m buying a new car also but waiting until June/July. That’s only 3 months away, and you will only be 5 months pg.

Op here. So at 20 weeks i lost my pregnancy. Gutted is the least i felt. But also felt like the haters on here jinxed my perfect pregnancy.

Never again ask humans simple questions .

 Oh gosh. I am so sorry.
Sometimes this forum is so full of love and support and other times people are just downright cruel.

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I bought a second hand tarago with 3 kids. It's been great because they have friends over or if I take family places, and I can lie the seats flat and move furniture and big items etc
And then yearsssssss later had a 4th, so still as great! And being Toyota I've had no issues, yet at least, I would definitely purchase a tarago again

Get 7 seats. I have a kluger. With only 2 kids but when we go on holidays you can fit everything in.

I have 3 kids in a 5 seater. My kids have a two year aged diference so when I had my last I had a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I had a stationwagon so it had enough room for the car seats and the pram and bags in the back. The trouble I had was inquistative 2 year olds with the baby. I would be driving down the road and then there would be screaming because the toddler stuck his finger up the babies nose. Personally I think that a 7 seater would be better especially taking into account interstate parents.