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What would you do?

My son started kindy this year. He has been going to his old daycare and the new kindy split days each week. We love the old daycare, he has always done well there and I've always been comfortable. In contrast, I've always felt unwelcome at the new kindy as the staff rarely acknowledge me (even at integral events like orientation and meetings) despite my attempts build a relationship. Earlier this week the new kindy had a meeting to establish this year's parent roles. I was the first parent to arrive and despite clearly saying hello and smiling, the staff and parents (4 people in total) completely ignored me. This continued throughout the meeting. My son has been doing really well at the new kindy and I can't fault their program, but I feel so uncomfortable that I had a panic attach dropping him off this morning. I spoke to the old daycare today and they can take my son full time into their kindy program immediately. My question is what would you do?


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You have to have some sort of rapport with your kids teachers, especially when so young. You need to be able to communicate with the staff any concerns that you have or that they might have. I agree with a previous poster. What happens if you ask them a direct question or how do they answer a concern you might have about your child? If you feel they they are communicating effectively with you, then move him and also write a letter to the principal on why you are moving him. You might not be the first parent to feel this way. I think that your also need to consider how your child might react to moving and change and also what is the other daycare's programme like?

 I agree, you need to be able to communicate with the staff. If they continue to ignore you contact the education department with specific examples of what has happened.
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Could your anxiety be making you think more of it than what it really is? Try asking them a question instead of saying hello and see how they respond to you. If it's still rude and arrogant then yes I'd probably keep him at daycare. There shouldn't be attitude from staff at kindy.

This is me at school pick up. The teachers aide says hello no one else.

I'm the invisible parent at pick up and drop off. For reasons unknown to me, people (other than the teachers) ignore my attempt at friendliness. It's horrible. But my kids love their school and thrive there. And so I hold my head up high, focus on my kids and ignore those rude cows. As I know I'm a decent person, I figure their behaviour says more about them than it does me.

It really is up to you what you do though. If you think he will be just as happy and get just as much from full time day care, (and you can afford it) then continue to send him there and ditch kindy. But, just remember next year he will be starting compulsory school. And you may very well encounter these same people. So you do need to find a way to either break the ice and have them notice you enough to be civil, or find a way to handle it without feeling anxious twice a day, drop off and pick up (and that is a lot of time considering how long your child will attend school). Or, have a fresh start at a new school where you will meet new people. Best of luck, I know how hard it is being the ignored parent, despite your best efforts xoxox

 Im the same, people don't seem to respond to my friendlyness...
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