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Have you ever been a victim of a crime?


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armed hold up. The guy went to jail for 2 years

 I have been in one too I was a teenager too it was awful 😔
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Had our Marley Spoon box stolen from our front door. Thankfully that's about it.

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House break and enter

 They stole all my jewelry too. Really sentimental stuff. I'm still pissed about that.
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 Unfortunately, same. I hope you are doing okay.
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I’ve been punched in the face. I’ve had my car broken into. I’ve been burgled in two different houses. I’ve been a victim of a stalker but was never hurt. The guy was just creepy.

I had a junkie try to steal my wallet out of the car. I run inside to get a drink and was heading back out to the car and saw her open the door and grab something out of the car so I run out and grabbed a bit of 2 by 4 that I had sitting in the garden and told her she wanna put it back or cop a smack up the head. She threw it on the roof of the car and run. Hubby stood there pissing himself laughing and couldn't believe I did it because I'm generally a very quiet person and hate violence. She just hangs her head and walks very quickly past my house these days. Other than that we had someone steal hubby's car. The police found out it 2 towns over about 3 weeks later and everything had been taken and sold out of it, but we got it back. That bloke has been in jail a year now and has another 10 months or something before he's released

 Your fault
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 Should add that hubby's keys were inside the house, which was locked and not just left in the car or anything like that. The window to the house was smashed and the keys were stolen out of our bedroom.
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Home burgled. Had my wallet stolen at work by a junky patient.

Broken into once, car broken into once, car stolen and torched once, also had petty thefts like our plants stolen out of our garden.

Car stolen and house break in. Sexual abuse as a child.

Sexual harassment at 15 16 27 by people known to me

Step father bragged he had naked photos of me as a child.