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Afterpay zip pay / bankruptcy

Has anyone had experience with outstanding debts with afterpay and zippay when going bankrupt.
They are both considered unsecured loans. I am wondering if they expect the goods returned (this is not possible)


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Normally bankruptcy they will leave you with a cheap car, basic furniture, and your clothes. They would never repossess clothing, they will be after money.
But remember bankruptcy is on your history for at least three years, so it is something to be avoided if at all possible.
Go for a payment plan if you can, and just work on paying it off, and then on controlling your spending.
Or rolling the debts into one personal loan, and stop spending completely until is gone.
Read the Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape, and if you cant afford the $19 for it from Big W, then get it from the library.
There are free financial advisers he describes, and they will help you tackle the debts and lobby on your behalf.
He recommends paying off the debts in order of interest rates, highest interest rate first, then next highest.
He has great advice for people in your situation, and many loyal devotees who he has helped recover from your situation, and then set themselves up financially for life.
Hugs to you, and remember that sometimes these big scares are the best way to set you on the right path.

 Bankruptcy is now one year. Laws have changed
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 But it states on public records for seven years
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 Barefoot is on spotify so you don't even need to read it now just listen on your way to work.
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OP Thanks for your advice
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It is 3 years my debt was not with after pay but because of bankruptcy aftetpay froze me from using.
So must go 3 years without my account

How much do you owe with them???

OP 3000 with one and 1400 the other. They are the small debts being included in the bankruptcy. The entire amount is a lot more
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 Ahhh OK.. So maybe too much to work or a payment plan with them? If they can't repossess the original items, maybe they'll take any possessions of value to pay back the loss
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 How much all up?
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OP Almost 60k
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 Did you end up declaring bankruptcy or did you manage to sort out some payment plans? How did this go
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Bankruptcy is NOT one year it's still 3 years and remains on file for a further 4 years. A NAP is 1 years and remains on file for 4 years further. NAP = No asset procedure.. for TOTAL debt being less than 47000

I think they can only take things of significant value. As the administrator. You need to hide any jewellery of value if it has sentiment.

OP No expensive jewellery 😉
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