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Does it get better with exes?

Does anybody have experiences with things getting better once the kids get older/grow up? My husband's ex is just such hard work, to begin with it was because she wanted him back and I was standing in the way. Now she knows I'm not going anywhere she's witholding the kids and twisting every situation she can to her advantage just to keep control of him. My biggest coping strategy is to tell myself that it's only for 12 more years till my step daughter is 18 then we will never have to deal with her again. But can you ever truly be free from the manipulation?


Answers (2)

Not with manipulative exes. When the kids are older and less controllable she will get nastier and use emotional blackmail against her children to puppeteer them away from their Dad. She will be the one refusing to go to their weddings because you are there, or over spoiling grandchildren to become the favourite. I know everyone says keep private lives off facebook etc, but I really honestly think it's the only way to keep these people in line. Simple truths about any manipulation and mind games she's playing with her kids heads (and your husband's) to as many people as possible. They thrive on other people's opinions.

I can't speak from my own experience but from my parents who separated when I was 15 and my Brother 12. At first there was communication between the two, not always nice but as we got older and more independent they had less and less to do with each other. Now they have nothing to do with each other and haven't spoken for several years.