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Prinary school graduation present?

I hadn't really thought about giving my year 6 son a graduation gift, however, it seens that is what most parents are doing. What have you given your sons? I dont think he would wear a watch and is not into books or writing at all. He's more practical than academic. Any suggestions?


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Bloody hell, this is a thing now?

 Do you live under a rock?! Lots of parents do something special for their kids graduation to ENCOURAGE THEM!
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 Personally I think encouraging them before they get to this stage is the way to go. Seeing all of their hard work pay off should be encouragement enough. If you are waiting until now to try and encourage them, you've waited a but too late.
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Why not trendy new shit for high school? Like a hurley bag and some nikes or whatever?

My son is also graduating from year 6 this year and the thought of a gift hadn't even entered my mind honestly. In saying that his school does a proper gratuation ceremony at a function room and we are taking him to get his hair cut the way he wants and new jeans, shirt and shoes for the night so I guess that can be his gift lol. We also have to bye our tickets and pay for year book ect if the fundraising didn't cover it all.

First car jar?

 Not sure why ppl are flipping out. Whe I left Primary, my parents gave me a jar my mom had decorated to save for a car. It had a note in it that they would match me dollar for dollar or pay 2 years of insurance and repair fees, my choice, when it was time to actually get a car. I saved up $6000 and chose the latter. My sister saved $1200 and chose the former. I gave my older children the same gift at that age amd am working on a jar for the next in line right now.
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 When I was in primary school there wasn't even a graduation. We didn't miss the lack of occasion, it wasn't really necessary. I think the incredulous responses are because these days it seems there needs to be a celebration and gift for every single thing. Dir me, it's more the need to give a gift.
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 Imo, especially for kids that don't breeze through school, moving up is a big deal. They had to work very hard to get there and deserve a little celebrating. I'm not saying it's anything like a final graduation or that it requires a big to-do. I just think a little recognition for achievements helps kids motivation to keep up he good work. The jar and paint cost a few dollars. It's a symbol of how proud I am and an acknowledgment of the fact that they are growing up a little.
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 Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it isn't a big deal. And as I have a child who is special needs I know how big these things are. But why is a gift necessary? In saying that though, I like the idea of a jar which is more than just something to unwrap and likely forgotten about by Xmas time.
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It's a lovely idea. Why don't you all go out for dinner to celebrate? You can celebrate without buying presents.

I am an awful parent who didn't give her kids graduation presents for any school years including year 6 and year 12. Formals were expensive enough.