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Anyone tried the healthy mummy program??? Is it worth the money? I have very fussy eaters in the house and don't want to waste money on joining but would like to tone up and lose a little weight..


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I also got caught in the $220 renew subscription fee and when contacted they did not want to know about it. Yes it’s in the ‘fine print’ however, a company that can send messages, reminders and emails on weight loss but cannot remind a client when your renewal is due is quite wrong and they do know this. I run a business and this would never be accepted in our industry!

They have the worst customer service I have ever come across for a company of their size!

 I agree!!
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 haven’t tried this product or company, so cannot give a review, I am currently using another product that offer 30 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like the full program, you will get100% of your money back, no questions asked. Today 3/12/18 I have lost 9.8kgs in 60 days. No brain fog, energy levels to where normal should be, quality sleep (wasn’t expecting that!), and my body has all the nutrients. No calorie counting or weighing foods, bless! The products have been around for 16 years, independently scientifically tested. AFL, olympic athletes, tennis champions use it. I have just watched a video by a product user of 7 years who has a PhD in exercise science and swears by the product that the program and the company.
Approx $11 per day for 2 meals, and plenty of support and encouragement too, especially in your first 30 days while your getting used something new you’ve added to your life👍🏻

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 Whats the product/system you are using???
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get the book instead.'Busy mums guide to weight loss' about $20 has recipes and exercises in there like the website

 I did this. It has menu plans and diagrams of how to do all the exercises.
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I did join last year and at first found the meal plans overwhelming until I really took the time to understand how I could customise them. Having said that, I found it increasingly difficult to add in my changes to the app after the first few months (after an app upgrade) and by that stage, I was losing interest as most of the recipes didn't suit my family and the ones that did, I just keep repeating on a rotating schedule.

The smoothies are fantastic and I use them whenever I don't have time or need an energy boost. They do work. I use them a few times a week now (as opposed to daily like before).

I lost about 4kg using Healthy Mummy.

The downside apart from the overwhelming meal plans is they don't warn you when your subscription is about to expire. I got billed AU$220 without any warning. I was told that I should have known as the app displays it but I haven't used the app in several months. Ouch! I told them I found it startling that a reminder email is not sent as we are busy Mums - many of us with new borns so it's really incumbent upon the company to give us fair warning. It's unfortunately left a sour taste in my mouth about the company and its practices. Having said that, I will continue using their shakes as they are by far the best on the market. But I will never subscribe again or suggest others to.

 I had the same issue with subscribtion. No wonder the founder is rolling in cash. And no review option on their fb to warn others.
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 Just a heads up, the shakes are made with soy protein and has waaaaay too many ingredients, most of which are synthetically made. As a certified herbalist, this product isnt the greatest for your health but it's better than eating a toasted cheese and salami toasted sandwich for breakfast!
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 I agree I too got caught, with so many deductions you can’t remember and agree communication is poor
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Am trying to cancel my subscription now, the website keeps taking me round in circles, there's no options to cancel! Have had to raise a support ticket to ask how to cancel!

 Good luck with that.
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Oh where do I begin with this company! I was a member for a year and left for several reasons. They have absolutely terrible customer service and if you even dare to ask even a slightly negative question regarding the program or shakes in their so called support group on Facebook, your comment is deleted. So many people get their comments deleted for no reason and are told to go and get help from online support, that never answers anyway. It is a misleading company that is expensive, hard to maintain with a fussy family and will only post positive reviews, never negative. They had a google review that was successfully taken down. Google it and try and find a google review! People began to tell the truth about this company and even the google reviews were taken down.

The company owner offers free items for people to add as many people to her Facebook page as possible. Sad thing is, the gifts are usually vouchers and you often have to spend a lot of money to use the voucher. It is a complete ripoff. There are legit and great programs out there. This is not one of them.

 Can you recommend a better program?
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 I have to agree with that they remove any negative posts. You will get a personal message from the admin about it. I had one removed because I asked people how did they make their hot chocolate because I did not like the texture as it was gritty to me. I will honestly never buy any of their shakes again. There are others out there that are better and cheaper. They do not even give you a free scoop with your first purchase. You have to pay for that. You will find that quite a few people are a staunch supporter of them and will back them up.
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 Totally agree! Dodgy as company! I brought the shakes & they were foul! Every question or statement that even slightly reflected negatively on them was deleted and a private massage sent telling you it's not allowed 🙄🤬. Once i literally only asked what i could add tp the shakes to make them more palatable! Within minutes it was deleted! The Healthy Mummy is such a deceitful company! And i would be completely ashamed to to be associated with anyone promoting this product/company! Shame on you Healthy mummy founder and reps for duping vulnerable mums/women out of much needed funds! Disgraceful!
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I’m not a mum by any means, but I did want to try their shakes and I still haven’t received them which is why I wanted to mention it here because I couldn’t find anywhere to review them. They claim on their website that if you order before 2pm it will be dispatched that day or if you order after that it will be sent out the next day. This is NOT TRUE AT ALL! I had to wait 7 days for one of my orders to be sent and 9 days for the other and it really annoyed me as they had over $100 of my money and weren’t sending the products.
Also I had another issue as before I purchased the smoothies, I had read a lot about their benefits for breastfeeding mums and these ingredients they had that supported new Mum and baby health and breastfeeding and I emailed them just to make sure and ask them if it was still safe for me (a 20 year old who’s not a mum) to take and make sure all the ‘mum and baby benefits’ in the drinks weren’t going to alter its purpose for me or still work essentially, and they completely ignored my concerns and just went on to tell me how many I Should buy and how often I should, nothing to do with my concerns whatsoever, and after the shipping experience above, I probably won’t be buying from them again. Definitley left a bad taste.

The customer service is terrible. I had a payment for a subscription come out with absolutely no warning & their only answer was you agreed to the terms & conditions. The program didn’t fit well with me or my families needs & I actually thought I had canceled months ago. It was too much hassle for what you get.

 I am going through exactly the same thing. I will be making a complaint to consumer affairs. There are new rules in place that state you have to inform someone of a renewal coming up.
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 I had the same problem with my subscription just coming out without any warning. They told me also read the terms and conditions. I also cancelled months ago but they said there was no record of it. Not happy with the customer service.
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 That happened to me too, I can’t get the on line admins on fb to reply
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 Can anyone please tell me how you went with the payments charged without warning? I am having the same problem now
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It found it a waste of money, had the same subscription issue, found the shakes tasted terrible and did not fille me up, and I find it really hard to believe all those posts on facebook from all those women who have losted so much weight. I think its setup.

 I completely agree!!
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 My friend lost 17kg and has maintained it for 8 minths
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 I agree about the taste and not filling you up.
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The shakes are filled with artificial ingredients (and so taste this way too) - as s a nutritionist, I wouldn't recommend.
It is expensive and really not worth the money.

 Would you recommend any other meal replacement shakes?
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Definitely would not recommend this company. I've tried it and was left absolutely disappointed. Meals don't feed the amount of people they say they do, shakes are disgusting and taste grainy, customer service is an absolute joke. Read the actual ingredient list in the so called famous shakes and you will be suprised at how crap they actually are. Biggest con going around.

I would definitely NOT recommend- it’s a complete scam! I also tried the skincare which I think was a disaster for the company.

Don't waste your money. I have wasted too much money on their disgusting shakes. The customer service is appalling too.

I was a consultant and I wouldn’t recommend anything about the company at all. Over rated, over priced and the shakes are disgusting. Save your money

 Agree. The shakes taste terrible and the hot chocolate is gritty no matter what I did whether I used hot milk or hot water and then milk. The brownies are expensive at $2 a piece.
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I’ve just been caught out with the subscription issue. I haven’t used this for nearly 12 months and thought I had cancelled my subscription as I hadn’t heard anything from them in so long. Of course the 12 month mark came around and they were happy to take $190 from my account. I tried to argue with it, received 1 email stating the terms and conditions and have heard from them since. This is a rip off. Do yourself a favor and don’t go anywhere near them.