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How to wean 5 month old off the boob

He will take a bottle as i have been expressing so i can go to the gym do i do it gradually or swap a feed for formula or just stop breast feedibg cold turkeyhow long should it take?


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Please speak to ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) they will give you great advice.

Why do you want to stop?

 Why is this your business?
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 She wants to go to the gym
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I found that my milk supply dried up when I tried to transition, maybe I didn't express often enough. I think it will be harder to maintain the milk supply rather than the other way around. Hope this helps, maybe we are all different.

 I found the same thing - even though I wasn't expressing, just straight breastfeeding. Think I introduced one bottle a day, then increased to two etc
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Gradually add formula to the expressed milk, that way baby's tummy can get used to it slowly not in one big hit that'll be a big shock to their system. Look it up on the breastfeeding association website.

 This is the best way if your bubs is already good taking a bottle. Start with 2:1 breastmilk to formula and work up to all formula adjusting every 5-7 days to 1:1 then 1:2 then all formula.
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I dont think you should stop cold turkey, you'd probably end up with mastitis. Can you give your maternal and child health nurse a call or the Australian breast feeding association

Wtf. Yes stop completely so you can go to the gym. your superficial needs come first. High five.

 She said she expresses to go to the gym, retract the claws. BF-ing is not easy for everyone. If she feels she needs to stop, that her business. She asked for info on how to stop, not your opinion on why she's stopping.
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 Some people are self righteous idiots that judge others without walking a mile in their shoes.
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 You need a high five in the mouth. WTF to you. Going to the gym is not a superficial need. Exercise is more than just having a nice body. Exercise not only helps physical health but mental health. A woman is more than a mother. It's so important to do stuff beyond being a mum. Stop being so judgemental.
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 She didnt even say she wants to stop because she wants to go to the gym. She said the baby takes bottles of expressed milk when she goes to the gym. She gave no reasons as to why she wanted to stop feeding and she doesnt really have too
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I think that you are better off contacting your child health nurse or the Australian Breast Feeding Association. They will give you the right advice and support you.

Cold turkey is a bad idea. Replace one feed at a time for a few days, then another. Mixing is a good idea.