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Christmas gift ideas to cheer a good friend up?

I have a friend really doing it tough. She has been trying to get pregnant for years without success (lost several pregnancies). She recently had to sell her business (after 15 years) at a loss. She is now unemployed, her husband also lost his job, their car died a few weeks ago and several other things that have been a real kick in the guts and a financial drain. She's struggling emotionally, especially with Christmas coming up. I don't have a lot of money myself, but I'd like to give her something to put a little smile and happiness into her life for a short time at least. I've got a cute little bag with a funny slogan that she will love but I wanted to put a few things in it. A bottle of wine is a definite! Is there anything you've given or received that was really thoughtful, positive etc


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A few luxury items that she may not be able to afford any more, such as a nice hand cream, a couple trashy mags, favourite snacks. You probably know the kids of things she likes that she may now be going without. Perhaps even a couple of tickets to the movies for her and her husband.

Some luxury items you know she loves is a great idea, I’m stoked to get anything I can’t afford to splurge on myself. So things you know she loves or used to buy herself when she had cash is great. Otherwise a gift voucher or movie tickets is a lovely idea

A care package is perfect. I once snooped through a friends bathroom and took note of the products she bought. I then bought some of the same things, popped them in a cute little basket and boom. Merry Christmas

-a platter with cheese and snacks to go with the wine
-voucher for an ice cream shop or coffee shop or pizza place
-shampoo/ conditioner, body wash, nail polish, lipstick, hairbrush, hair ties
-movie voucher