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Naked sex/ son’s girlfriend sending him naked pics!


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And? Please tell him to be a gentleman and keep them to himself. How do you know about it?

If they are under the age of 18 its very concerning as they can be charged with making/possessing child pornography. It doesn't happen often but it does happen.

I have questions:
1) How do you know? Is he sharing them?
2) Is it concerning because of their age? eg. if they're 13 it's not cool

post them up on here so we can get a better sense of the situation

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 Yeah coz the parent wants to be charged child pornography charges..... No I don't think so. You aren't allowed by law to send on or post on web forums of others in nude pics without their consent

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 Pretty sure it was a joke
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 Some people have no sense of humour
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Forward the photos to her parents

 That’s illegal
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My son is in the same situation, GF is 15, he is 16. There is no expectation of privacy in my house I take my sons phone at night because he has a tendency to stay up all night YouTubing or talking to his GF even on school nights. He also knows we go through his phone to curb bad behavior or guide him in not doing anything stupid. We have talked to her parents, and they still keep coming.

 She must want you to see them
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My son 15 received a heap of girls naked images all around the same age we were that age.. really.. We have since spoke to a few of the girls parents showed them the info & deleted all messages and locked his internet access & monitor his phone every night. His in a bit of a rough school .. but apparently it’s pretty ripe in most schools male & female just as bad as each other. We have also seemed legal advice. Nowadays they blame all boys are dirty

Because 13 year olds THINK they can do whatever the f**k they want. When thet start highschool they get to big for their own boots. Do you even have a teenager yet?

if they're of age and both parties are 100% consenting then so what? you should not be snooping, that's abusing both of their privacy, i would be be mortified if my mil ever did that. If they are quite young however, like 12/13 young have a nice chat to him without accusing or getting your back up about it. you'll lose his trust if he knows you've been snooping and looking at PERSONAL photos of his girlfriend.

I would get them deleted first of all. Then depending of the age of said couple I would consider talking to her parents it is technically illegal what they are doing.

How old is your son? Delete the pics and tell the girl to have more self respect. Talk to your son about being a gentleman.

 How about dirty pervert boys stop asking girls for nudes and trying to blackmail them into sending them!
I have daughters- boys are pigs and think it's acceptable to make girls feel shit unless they send nudes, put out etc. Society is raising future rapists, women/gay abusers and all sorts

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 I know girls that are equally as bad!!!
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 Ha you bitch. Obviously only hace daughters!
I went through my sons phone and his 13 YEAR old girlfriend was pestering him to F**K HER and he was writing excuses to get out of it!

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 Why are you idiots even arguing about this? Why are 13 year olds having girls/boyfriends?!
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 I actually have both thanks, and boys are still pigs! I've had to full on crash filthy conversations my boys were having with friends about females. They are disgusting! Where the f**k they get this disgusting attitude from I have no idea! No wonder we have to keep having discussions about consent!
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 Yep. Definitely porn. Exposure to that sort of stuff changes brain chemistry and stimulates unhealthy thought patterns/behaviours in immature brains. Especially when accessed before their sense of morality, decency, and general self control is established. Keep your young boys AWAY from unrestricted internet access. People think porn just "reveals" their fantasies or shows them what they are in to. It doesn't. It shapes and develops them. Brain biology and plasticity are some pretty cool stuff.
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