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Due to corona virus we had significant financial losses. We ended up moving kids from private to public school. We live in a pretty big, nice house in expensive neighbourhood. I am a little embarrased to invite their new friends. I know where some kids live and its a huge gap in lifestyle. I know its probably wierd but I dont want them to feel inadequate when over in our house. We have lived in avarge house before, and I don’t care about how others live. My kids are eager to have their new friends over. Am I too wierd about it? Am I overthinking? Anyone thinks same?


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Public schools aren't just for poor people if that's what you're thinking

You’re overthinking it. I don’t think kids will really care. They may say wow, your house is nice then they’ll go play.

 100% agree with this comment, kids dont care about stuff like that.
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 The only thing I see is that YOUR kids, start feeling weird or making comments about what they have in the other child’s face. I have heard of that happening and know a two seperate and very educated friends who have ceased friendships with other friends because of this issue.
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 I worry about this. We live in a niceish area, but has a small pocket of housing trust. My kids have very different lives to some of the kids. It's not toys and stuff that I worry about my kids talking about as other kids get much more and better toys, but having a holiday house and some activities they do. I don't want my kids to be "those kids".
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You are absolutely overthinking it. Plus, I’m sure there are still lots of kids from affluent areas and homes at your kids’ school. Public schools usually have a very broad mix of kids, it’s not only the lower socioeconomic groups that send kids there!

Relax! My best friend lives in the most beautiful palatial home. I live in a fibro shoe box. We are best mates because of our time together, not for assets !!
She's the bestest friend I've ever had, i think its because we are happy, wee just get each other.

If someone if going to judge you on your home then they don't deserve you!

Kids don’t think abt shit like this. Usually silly mothers who overthink then isolate themselves and their poor children for said stupidity 🙄

 I think its nice the op cares.
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Don’t be such a snob!
I live in a beautiful large home in an expensive suburb and can send our kids private but we think it is a waste of money and invest instead. Your kids will make some lovely friends and you might be surprised just how wealthy some of them are but if you have raised your kids right it won’t matter.

 Thats the thing, we don’t care about money and wealth.We are nice people. I’m not a snob or judgmental. We haven’t always been “ wealthy”. I have had couple situations where people got completly funny after seeing our house ( we dont dress in flashy clothes, drive avarge cars and are not over the top with spending). They have already made lovely friends. I couldnt care less how wealthy people are. My kids know that money and wealth means nothing.
Some of their friends are in very disadvantaged living arrangements. Inviting over for playdate, means inviting parents too, as we are new to school. Its more that Im worried as being branded snob or show off. Or other kids feeling inadequate. I know public school is for everyone. I am talking about couple particular friends my children want to invite over for the playdate, who are in below avarage living conditions. I’m thinking how they would feel? I would happily have them over any time.parents seem nice too.

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 Catch up for play dates at the park if you are worried about it.
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They won’t care 😆 come down to earth a little x