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SAHM looking for ideas to make money (cause we all need more). We're moving to a coastal town in the coming years & I've recently found out they're putting in a fancy resort there, probably be finished about the time we head down there. What I want to do is create something (at home of course) which isn't overly hard with a 2 year old running around that might appeal to more well off in society and start a business from there. Probably start selling at markets. I've thought about diy jewelry (dont think that would appeal to them though lol), rug weaving, pottery (bowls for their fancy jewelry lol) other than that I'm not coming up with much so i thought I'd ask you fellows ladies. What do rich people like? Any suggestions welcome? Except prostitution I'm not down for that lol.


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Do a decent massage course and set up a massage chair for 15 or 20 min head/ shoulder/ back massages. No stripping off required if they don’t wish to. A good head massage can get you a good reputation and it doesn’t take a lot of time or pre planning for clients.
Have good privacy around the chair like a curtain that can be pulled across from walkway or a divider but open at both ends so you can still view a small seating area of 1-2 chairs for anyone wishing to wait *** makes this inviting , have a waiting area sign of some kind. clients exit out the other end (part covered so it’s clear that it’s not accessible to all. A nice tree between the walk way maybe, a sash as a divider maybe.
Use of decent essential oils as an add on. Have a display of 4-5 with their benefits to choose from in the waiting section but in your reach. With the Offer hair nets if they don’t want oil in their hair.

Have good quality soft washers infused with a nice refreshing scent to offer as a bit of a refresher towel / wake me up located at the exit end. AND a mirror/sun cream station.

Make a point of not speaking to others while you massage, smile and gesture to the seats if anyone approaches. Maybe a well made shushhhh sign hung up while someone is in the chair. Prices and add ons clearly visible so people don’t stop to ask constantly.
Do not go out buying tacky hippy colourful decor. It screams cheap.

Also learn to do some nice classy hair braids. No coloured ribbon shit. Nice classic braids that will stay intact a day or two. Have a seperate chair for this. No need for hairspray, sand just sticks to it. Maybe some dry shampo to liven up their hair first. All about cleanliness, have a fish tank with sparkling clean disinfectant to keep combs. Provide the hair ties and have a small rack of solid silver (silver looking or real silver) hair acccesories you can either learn to make or buy in. Not too many choices , keep it simple 😉

 The massage idea is a really good one, but bear in mind massage is actually a proper skill that takes time and effort to become good at. It is also hard work (a good friend is a masseuse and she gets very tired).
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 Gets very tired? Boo hoo 😫 making money is not always easy. A decent course and practice... it’s a skill you keep for life
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You're thinking about this wrong. You don't try to please "the rich", you gotta narrow down your target audience there. Rich hipsters? Rich old people? Rich new parents? Rich single men? Rich single women?

Rich parents and hipsters are really into well made natural crap. So maybe you could start a skincare range? Make some wooden kids toys? Carve out some wooden homewares (ie plates and cups and stuff)? Coconut is all the rage right now. Fu****g coconut bowls are everywhere (I'm highly allergic to coconut and the amount of times I see fu****g hipster fu**s serving food in coconut bowls at their stupid hipster cafes makes me really glad I'm too broke to dine out).

You could sew some nice baby clothes? Think occasional wear for babies.
Start a tea business, most people don't even care if there's actual tea leaves in there, as long as it's drinkable and claims to do some shit (I'm looking at you ginger and mint "tea" for energy and clarity).
As a former "rich" person we used to LOVE going to try new cuisines and cultural experiences. Maybe start a catering business for exotic foods?

 Lol you make some valid points & great ideas - thanks for taking the time to write such a long post 😊. I had no idea coconut bowls were a thing & tea - I love tea! ooooo you're good. Not sure about food? Fancy a*s ice cream perhaps... so much to think about. Thanks again for your help.
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 Yeah its all about the natural woods and recycling the husks and stuff. As the vegan movement rises, more and more natural based products are trending (which, aside from coconuts, I actually really enjoy). Fancy ice cream/gelato is cool and all but if there's already a place in your new town that does it, I wouldn't. Purely because, as I mentioned, the vegan movement is on the rise. So unless you wanted to make nice cream (completely dairy free and with no animal products added - so frozen banana ice cream, coconut milk ice cream, etc) there may already be a place there that does that.
We used to get into trying like Mexican/South American food, and different African cuisines, Scandinavian foods, and even some of the specialty restaurants that did the raw foods. Keto friendly places are popping up too.

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Making macrame plant pot hangers ? They must be about to come back in style !

 A lady near me makes macarame and timber swings. Often advertises on Facebook.
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Some people make sandwiches for local cafes. It means they have to start preparation at some ungodly hour in the morning. The only reason I know this is because I know someone who delivers bread during the night, and they deliver to people doing exactly that from home.
If you have some cakes or biscuits that others rave about, those too might be an option. You would need to check up on the regulations that apply, but it must be feasible and not too onerous if other people are doing it.

The other thing is natural soaps and fragranced oils. If you look up gardening Australia on google, all the episodes come up on iview, so you can watch the video. There is a presenter they are featuring currently who is presenting a series of the old recipes for natural products. So far she has done citrus & herb infused hand scrubs, herb room spray, rose fragranced skin balm.
They are so simple, and most of the ingredients you could grow in your own garden.
You would need to practice, give samples to friends and get feedback, and make sure you were doing it well before selling them publicly.
Often beachside resorts are on the lookout for unique local things they can have in their shops.
You could also sell them at local markets.

Think of what you love doing, or are naturally good at.
Are there any special talents you could develop that could become a commercial opportunity?
Baking cakes, muffins, biscuits, producing art work, painting up old furniture, gardening and growing vegetables or herbs, looking after other peoples children,(home daycare) etc.
It is easiest to develop products or services that you inherently enjoy, so it does not become a chore, and you actually get pleasure from the learning that you would have to undertake to become proficient.
Also, there are other earlier threads on here addressing this question, and SAHM has resources on jobs from home, so look through all the stuff stored under "home".
There is a magazine called Frankie, which is available in larger supermarkets, which features lots of stories about really interesting young people making a living on their own doing craft type work.
Look it up on line, they have a presence there too, that might stimulate ideas for you.

 Remember these people are probably on holidays and don’t have much space for big items. Keep it small
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 And probably not fragile
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Make vases, frames, platters ny mosaic with seaglass. Jewelry too