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How quickly does a 13yr old body grow?

So i have 3 step children/ partner has 3 children. 1 is 17, 2 are 13- all girls. For xmas they have asked for a jacket from an outdoorsy type shop. The jacket is $400 but if you sign up as a member for free the jacket is $250. The 17yr old has a curvy womans body and i cant see her changing much. I think she will get decent use from the jacket and being good quality it will last. The girls that are 13 arent yet developing boobs or hips of any noticeable size- but given the women in their family, they are likely to develop big boobs. I feel like $250 is a huge amount to spend if theyre body will change and they might only get a year/ afew months of winter that year. Anyone have a child around 13? How quick do they grow? They live interstate so i dont buy them clothes- we usually just send money so they can buy stuff that fits them. Just that $750 is alot of money. And they will expect other stuff too- not just the jackets. I dont mind buying it for the 17yr old but the 13yr im not sure.


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What size are they? If they are in womens sizes you might be safe with room to grow? You can usually get away with a size up for jackets and jumpers.

OP They wear mostly kid size clothes from target/kmart etc like a 12 or 14 i think but they do fit some womens clothing. I know they buy from supree i think its called. They wear the xxs or xs size. We have the same shop here the Kathmandu (i think it is) so i can see the jackets. But i dont have another 13yr old to try it on lol! I could ask someone on the buy sell swap pages to borrow their kid for an hour 🤣 i think ill give the task back to my partner to deal with, as he gave it to me haha! So expensive! $400 jackets! I mean, its lucky they can be reduced to $250 or id probably die.
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 I would go with size 8 ladies, gives room to grow and possibly wont grow out of it if they are thin now. Unless they grow massive boobies but that cant be foreseen. That is a hard age to buy for size wise, kids clothes are smallish or too short, adults too big! Going through it with my sons now, but I buy the smallest adult size possible for the length.
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I might also add that the 13yr old girls dont want a bigger size as it will look 'shit'.

 Agreed don't waste your money.
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 They sound very demanding. If my kids said they don't want stuff because it's shit I would not be pleased.
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 Could you buy them the bigger size but give them the receipt with it? That way if it looks "shit", then she can swap it or the Mother can battle with her over it?
At least you tried then.

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We bought a North Face jacket from China for our 13 year old only lasted 6 months at her size. It looked good for that short period of time. Lucky we didn’t spend a fortune. Go ladies 8 not 6.

I'd be buying a size up and telling them it is what it is then they have it for the following winter!

OP Yes i thought that too, especially since winter is afew months away now. Its a good choice of xmas present- not asking for crap as usual. I might continue to negotiate with them lol. Realistically though if we send the money down, they will probably just get what size they want haha!
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