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I would like to buy my daughter’s daycare teachers a Christmas present each. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you usually buy your children’s teachers gifts?


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Chocolates, wine or flowers? That’s what I usually give. I think it’s nice to say thanks. Daycare staff are underpaid and do important work.

I used to buy a decoration for the tree with a few chocolates thrown in.

 Same! Last year I bought a nice decoration for their tree. Buy closer to Christmas and you’re more likely to pick up something a bit nicer for a cheaper price.
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A $15-20 voucher at a local coffee shop or movie ticket voucher

Please no home made food or sweets

 Just out of curiosity, why not?
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 She doesn't want your budget food. She just wants dollars coins so make it rain.
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 In case little johnny or little Mary come in contact with the food with their grubby fingers or the kitchen is filthy
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 🙊oh no she didn't. There are so many assumptions you could make here. Does she secretly think all your children are dirty? That you're an untidy unorganized mess so obviously your house is....lady the oven is hot hot hot it kills germs.
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 I never make homemade treats for teachers as I've heard from a few people it won't be eaten. That's their call as far as I'm concerned, I buy them something I think they'll like (plant/small amount of boutique chocolates/high quality iced tea set). I prefer to receive high quality gifts that are smaller rather than something huge that's low quality.
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I am totally against buying teachers and daycare staff presents. I think there should be a law against it or at least policy against it. At the most id say a handmade card from the kids is enough. I mean you dont buy your doctor a present when they cure your illness, or a dentist when they fill your teeth, these are professionals who get paid for their skills, leave it at that. We are all buying too much stuff, usually crap, even chocolates are ridiculous, no one needs extra chocolate, we are all too fat as it is.

 Amen to this
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 Really? You think there should be a law stopping people from buying gifts for teachers? How utterly ridiculous. If you don’t want to buy a gift, don’t buy one. It’s that simple.
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 Consumerism is ugly
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What happens if your child is in a room with 4 or so ladies but other staff also look after them either early morning/ arvo?
I want to buy a thoughtful gift rather than chocolates but don’t want to spend too much money on 14+ staff. Don’t get me wrong, I would if I could...

When I left the centre I got my children’s daycare teachers gift cards for Christmas. They were amazing people and deserved a treat. This was a once off though and previous years everyone had chipped in $10 for a gift for the teachers which gave them a little bit more than 20 boxes of chocolates and 15 mugs. For my children’s teachers last year I gave them all a pot plant and wrote a card to say “thanks for helping me grow”. Two teachers took them home but absolutely loved them, one keeps it in the classroom near a window which I find really humbling. Other years I have found the following years diary or just pens/pencils. It really depends on the teacher and the budget I have that year. I find looking out of the box is better than just the usual so they don’t have too many of the same things. I’m sure if you look around there will be something that screams them.

Bottle of wine and coles/Myer voucher - they don't want Xmas decorations, more chocolates or more 'best teacher' mugs.