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My husband is an announcer and it drives me crazy.

He announces everything like it is the most Important thing in the world. He woke me up to tell me that he getting up. I asked him why he did that and he said he thought I should know. Pretty sure at 30 I can work out whether or not someone is in bed. You name it he announces it. Toilet stuff, what he is having to eat, shower, etc etc. How do I get him to stop?


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Keep a whistle and some confetti handy and next time he announces something make a mini parade for him. Ask if he let his mum know yet and offer to call her for him. Ask if he wants the time written down so he can compare it tomorrow. Jump up excitedly and ask if you should record it on the calendar. Keep a small gift wrapped up and yell Congratulations! And present him with it 😂

Me and my partner both do this 😂. Middle of the night toilet trips are always announced and everything else. We don't get annoyed at each other for it yet.

Do it back to him, wake him if you are getting out of bed, especially if it's in the middle of the night. Perhaps you could casually mention that you think your pad feels soggy so you are just going to change it.
And when he announces he is making food as him to unpack/pack the dishwasher while he is there, or possibly make you something different to what he is making. I'm sure eventually he will stop announcing everything.

 Soggy pad announcement 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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 Ha ha soggy pad. I did try doing it back to him for a few days and it was bloody exhausting. Sometimes I forgot to tell him before I did something so I had to tell after the fact. He didn't care.
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Same my husband is about 5 years old I hate it

 Thank you. Pleased to find a kindred spirit.
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I am just letting everyone know that I am about to have a lovely hot shower.

I've never realised it, I do all of those as well lol. Don't know why, maybe just price of mind that they know.

 What sort of peace of mind does your partner get knowing you are going to the toilet.

Russel thinks: Sally hasn't done been to the toilet for a while. Wonder if she is having constipation issues again. Her shit could get all compacted and she could end up in hospital and not be able to work and we would lose the house and have to live in the car. I'm really worried.
Sally announces: "Going to the loo do a shit"
Russel: Phew. That was a close one. So pleased she told me. Come to think of it she hasn't had much to drink...

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 Not the original commenter, but I let hubby know if I'm going to the loo, simply so he knows he has to keep an eye on and respond to our young kids. Once the youngest is a bit older I'll stop doing it.
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 The piece of mind that I don't get disturbed by my husband with where did you put the 'blar blar' (which is usually right in front of him) or so he can help the kids instead of them annoying me while I take a shit. Same for the shower, I want a kid free shower and I don't want taps being turned on in the kitchen while I'm in the shower. I don't like being scolded. I announce that I'm going to bed in the hopes that he will follow and we can have sex. Yes I am a horny wife.
I announce when I'm making a cup of tea in case he wants a cuppa, same for snack food.

I don't announce when I getting up because I'm up after my husband. If I was up first then I would try and sneak out so I don't disturbe him.
So there are reasons

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 Not only do hubby and I tell each other we're going to shit but we also snap each other while we're on there 😂
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Have ur feelings towards him changed recently and now little things that never bothered you really do

Ask him if he’s aware he’s talking out loud when he announces he is off to the toilet to take a dump. Seriously, just tell him how annoying and unnecessary it is

 I have told him over and over. I even told him no one cares if he has peanut butter or vegemite on his toast. Make it, eat it. Done.
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Then why did you marry him?

 He usually works away but has been home for a couple of weeks. Counting down the days.
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You obviously married him like this, you can't change him now.