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What happens when you mix sweetened condensed milk with powdered cake mix?

I was going to make 2 ingredient fudge but mucked up and bought cake mix instead of chocolate. So now I feel stupid, and like I want to disguise my shame as some kind of mad genius 😂
I think it'll probably just be a sickly sweet cake. But who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be magical fairy unicorn farts or something. I don't know.


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I'm doing it tonight. Sorry ladies, I've been too tired to try it. But I'll be back to let you know the results!

I think it might end up being a dense cake, like a brownie. But should still taste good! Give it a go I say 🙂

So what happened???

 Yes, what happened? How did it turn out?
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Great new recipes are formed from f**k ups. Let us know how it turned out.

Have some fun and give it a go. I once baked together a can of mixed fruit and a packet cake mix. It was so good :)