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Sex toy party consultant?

Does anyone do this? Do you earn much from these parties, like is it worthwhile to look at doing instead of going back to my day job after mat leave??
Which company's would you recommend selling for?


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I've never been a consultant, but I've been to a few parties and know people who are. Out of all the party plans ( Tupperware, party light etc) they seem to do the best. They don't seem so pushy to sell you things but they don't have to be. The products seem to sell really well. I think a lot of women are too shy to go to porn shops so prefer the party plan idea. And the consultants seem to last a long time so they must be doing ok out of it.

All I can say is if you don't have the perfect personality for it, it is very hard to make money. I know people who make a lot and shine that never made enough to cover the kit. They did Athena parties

Lol. adult parties are the only ones I attend now! Always 100 times more interesting then looking at plastic containers and linen :-P I say go for it. But dont expect it to actually pay a salary you can live off. None of the consultants I know (that sell adult products) have been able to quit their jobs... it's more a side gig/hobby with some perks (cheap adult products and occassionally some cash). The 'job security' isn't there because you can't anticipate booking parties every single week and eventually you will use up all of your contacts when it comes to networking your business.

Try if you are interested in extra income.

I am interested in hosting these parties. How do I go about starting up?

 Hi, where are you located?
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I have been a consultant with A bit Rude Parties for nearly 4 years! Great fun and a social outlet away from the family. Good commission - any extra money for the family budget is welcome! One party's income working just a few fun hours, can equal me working 20 hrs casual labour in a shop etc. Of course you get out of it what you put into it - like anything! Bit way way easier than Tupperware, linen, candles etc! Contact them for more info and go from there!

I'm a Tupperware consultant and its perfect for some extra pocket money plus you get stacks of free Tupperware! Everyone keeps telling me to do 'fuckaware' So I'm also considering it.

I have been a Passion Party consultant for 17 years. I was able to quit my job as a RN to do this full time in 2004 and make a great living wage. Party plan is simple but not easy, because you have to do the work. In my experience, you get back what you put in. It is not for everyone, but for people who like to be independent, set their own schedule, not answer to a boss, and are able to plan their work and work their plan, it is awesome!

I tried the adult party plan selling. I found it difficult to actually make a proper wage as its something that does sell itself but people have to be interested in the product to actually purchase it. Im now doing lily anne designs jewellery and its going great. I made $800 in one weekend from that.

I know people make heaps. And party lite seems to do well too.