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Teen rash

My 14yo dd has had a faint rash over most of her body for a week now. The doctor is not sure and says it could be viral but nothing serious. To me it looks like a heat rash or similar. She says its not itchy and isnt bothering her. Theres no temperature or nausea either. Has anyone had this and how did you deal with it? Thanks ladies x


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My daughter had something that sounds similar and turned out it was an allergic reaction to our washing powder. We got her some medicinal liquid soap and it cleared it up and we switched powders to a skin sensitive one.

 You know I am using the same laundry liquid as always but i did change the fragrance. Until now I never gave it much thought. She also started the pill a few weeks ago but she's begun the sugar pill today. If rash clears then it could be the pill. If that doesn't work then laundry liquid is next. Thanks for the tip x
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