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What brand gym wear for gymnastics?

Hi. My lo has just started gymnastics she is 6 years old and has been being to do it for 3 years! She is so keen. I'm not usually a "brand" chaser but she loves to pick her outfits and has some natural talent and passion for this sport. I'm wanting to provide her with comfortable and on trend clothes for her chosen passion.

What brand is associated with gymnastics? Where cam I find comfortable, practical and trendy gym gear for her?


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My daughter did gymnastics and acrobats. Had natural flare etc etc, but just wore Kmart and target leotards

 Yes I had looked at BigW, Kmart and Target and couldn't find anything in her size. I found a bit of workout gear at Best and less for her. So cute.
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Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I keep seeing an ad come through on fb for girls gymnastics wear. They look great, my daughter does gym too. When I see it again I’ll update you, meanwhile check online.