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Rude or private person

What’s the difference between rude and private person
I live in a cul de sac and I don’t want to socialise once a year in January
I don’t want want small chit chat or wave hello how are you ?
Am I rude or private ?


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Rude would be ignoring someone when they say hello. You are not obliged to chit chat or socialise but it costs nothing to just acknowledge someone, particular your neighbour when they say hello to you.

I'd suggest you are an introvert. It is generally misunderstood and people believe that introverts are shy but really it is just that superficial interactions aren't generally fulfilling to introverts. Realising that I was an introvert was a fantastic revelation for me!

 This!!! 👐🏻
I’m an introvert but I’m not shy, I just don’t like chit chat about nothingness or talking to people who I’m not 100% comfortable with.

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I would say rude. You can still stay private with giving someone a wave or a quick hello.

 They don’t wave at me or say hello
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 You don't do it to them either so you can't complain about that.
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I would say neither, that is more like someone with a social phobia or autism. I'm a very private person and mostly keep to myself but I can still do general chit chat and wave.

I’m a very private person and an introvert but I can be friendly with my neighbours. For one it’s in my best interest and the list goes on

I would tend to say rude. Others are only being friendly. You should at least give them the time of day.
I assume the street get together is for Australia Day.
When I lived in a cul-de-sac and was working full time we still talked and waved. Didn't live in each others pockets. But then we were all young families buying our first homes, and there was a lot of co-operation across the fences in clubbing together to build sheds, do driveways and retaining walls, and painting. And mutual babysitting.
The cameraderie was like an extended family.
You really find out how valuable it is to know your neighbours, when something goes wrong, and you need help.
Everyone seems so individualistic these days.
We had occasional street parties, and they were just the greatest fun. Kids all played together while adults chatted. Sampled each others recipes, which was great in a multicultural neighbourhood. And we had "progressive dinners".
People just don't seem to want to mix at all these days.
You are not alone in wanting to have nothing to do with neighbours, it seems to be the way of the modern world, but you might find out what you were missing if you make the effort.

 Xmas party in jan
They are aged between 60 and 86
Hubby and I are 40 and 45
Don’t want old people touching my newborn or telling my 5 year old to be seen and not heard

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 You lived with younger people or your age
Not old people

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You don't have to share all your private business, but to have social chats is only polite.

 You mean the weather?
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 Troll lady i think you need to pull your head out of your arse sometimes.
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Rude. Just wave & be friendly. You might need something from them one day, or help. If there's a zombie apocalypse they might just save your life.

I feel exactly the same. I class myself as private. You could just wave hello from time to time (I have to sometimes) and just leave it as that.

It depends on how you respond if one of your neighbours say hello or give a friendly wave. I myself prefer to keep my distance and I can assure you I am not a rude person :)