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White discharge from belly button..

Anyone occasionally get white discharge like stuff in there belly button?
Yes or no?
Am I dying?


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You need to get a thrush cream and apply per instruction as a Candida yeast infection will often cause discharge coming from the belly button will be thick and have an off-white color to it. A common cause of belly button discharge is infection.

 Do this ^ and if it doesn’t go away after that, go see your gp. I really doubt you are dying. Belly buttons would be a nice place for thrush or bacterial infection to brew, so make sure you always keep it clean and dry 👍
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No, I have never had this. And I find it surprising other have. Discharge from your belly button sounds kinda gross?

The only discharge I get is if I squeeze the holes where I took my belly ring out. It stinks lol so I don't play with it and I'm sure it will eventually close over. Just make sure you are cleaning it properly. Use sanitiser on a cotton tip if you want to really clean it up :P