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Rude daughter

Hello, my daughter is 7 (8 next month) and the last 2 months or so Her behaviour has drastically changed. She has gone from a sweet little girl to a spoilt brat. If she doesn't get her way she will throw a tantrum like a 1year old. Kicking and screaming in the floor. We don't give in to her, or send her to her room etc but where has this come from?? I hate to say this but she's been a real little Bitch lately. Nasty, rude, entitled etc HELP ME!!!


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Same thing here but my daughter is 5, 6 in a couple of months. A lot can be learned at school but I sweat it's a surge in hormones. We do time outs and also she learnt about respect at school. They watched a video or clip about it, so if she goes out of line we say "remember respect" she quickly pits herself in line

OP I'm so glad it's not just me. I'm at a loss!
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 Just take it one moment and I find that helps, also one on one time something simple like painting her nails, watching a movie, taking her for a milkshake. There could be more going on and this might help her open up if that's the case. Good luck
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Try a book called Princess Bitchface Syndrome (yep) or how to hug a hedgehog. Good luck. Raising kids is hard. Good luck x

Often acting out when they are young is how they deal with being unable to express what the problem is. If they feel like it is too hard to make someone listen, or they don’t know how to express something, if they are worried they will be brushed off or that their feelings about something aren’t understood. Our girl did this and it escalated to physical violence to herself and siblings. We had tried disciplining, time outs, removing her from the situation, talking through things with her. She just seemed to get angrier whatever we did. It was suggested that we just hug her (confine her) and validate whatever she was feeling. (You are very upset just now. Something has made you feel sad. ) and give her time to tell us what was happening in her head that made her feel that way. This was time consuming at first as neither of us really knew what we were doing, but it did help her express herself while feeling accepted in a warm hug. Soon, she stopped the outbursts altogether and she is back to the happy laughing child we had before. Good luck 💕

OP Thank you, I will try this. I took her out yesterday to the movies. Just us 2, no little sister and she was great. We had such a good time. But the second we stepped foot in our home again it all started.
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 Which might show that she is craving some one-on-one attention time perhaps
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 Exactly, I feel like that highlights what the problem is; maybe she is struggling all of a sudden go share you with her siblings. Or acts out at home when things don’t go her way while battling others for attention? And she gets it by acting out...
just a thought?

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It is a hard stage I have been through it. I found having a special nighttime routine and sticking to it no matter what behaviour was like that day has helped so much. It's important not to use Thai special time as a bargaining chip or punishment ect. It was recommended by a friend studying child mental health. I give her uninterrupted 15 minutes of reading a special book hugs and sing a song. Books I recommend are the 13 story treehouse or the rainbow fairies series. Kill the behaviour with kindness xx

OP Thank you I like that idea!
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 Penatonix light in the hallway is the song she likes
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Just be really strong and stick to your guns. If she does that in public places, explain to her that you do not take her shopping because her behaviour is not up to an acceptable standard. She needs to link her tantrums to missing out on things.
When I was teaching I overheard young girls in the bathroom discussing techniques to get their own way, so yes they learn a lot more at school than the lessons we want them to learn !
And they do understand a lot more of what we explain to them than maybe we think when their improvement is not immediate. Sometimes they have to think on it a while.

It’s natural they’ll test boundaries but you have to nip it in the bud early so it doesn’t escalate. At this age she might be having issues with friends/self esteem so some one on one time and good conversations❤️