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Is it OK to have sex while feeding your baby? These mum's don't see a problem with it at all!

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its gross


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Why do people have to write articles about everything! My toddler saw me change a tampon yesterday (he just walked into the bathroom) and today saw me go to the toilet so he went and got one for me. I might write an article and post it online for the world to see! Then when everyone calls me weird I will cry and carry on about internet trolls.

 I used to walk in on mum doing that all the time.
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Done it a couple of times. Very young baby (he was probably around 4 months). Was feeding him lying in bed on my side, hubby got turned on and we did it. It was gentle, so it was rocking the baby. Baby didn't mind at all.

 How the f**k can u even want sex when nursing your and children should not be in the same sentence let alone room!
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 WTF? Your Hubby got turned on??
If my Hubby got turned on while I was breastfeeding I would punch him inthe face, leave him before he molests my kids and turn advocate for chemical castration.

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 This is wrong in all levels, I hope your child is safe I really do.
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 That is just revolting. You are just as foul as your husband. Have you both so little self control you couldn't wait until you'd finished feeding your baby?
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 That's disgusting, you and your husband need your heads checked! The fact a baby feeing from his mother turned him on is wrong on so many levels, and you as a mother.....I have no words 😷
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 Achieved winding up complete strangers lol
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 I find this seriously disturbing.. even if it's a troll comment. Who even thinks of that kind of stuff?
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 If this is a wind up, then you really are perverted. Psychiatric help required ASAP.
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 Who thinks of this kind of stuff??? Me after reading kidspot articles lol
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 Lol I never said he got turned on by me feeding the baby. As I said, I was laying on my side and my butt was turned to him. My butt turned him on. You sick minded ladies :-)
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 You couldn't wait 10 minutes?
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 Turned on by your boobs..... Turned on by your butt.....who cares, the sick part is you had sex while breast feeding your baby. Are you lacking so much self control you couldnt wait 20 minutes? Feral.
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 Bored love? Why are you worrying about old posts.
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How does that work? Besides the whole morally wrong bit, It would be shake the baby like a British nanny.

 Tyats funny cause in britian it is the aussie nannies tgat shake the babies
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Is that the woman who breast fed her son and was having sex?

 Really? WTF! Why would you even want your bub anywhere near you whilst having sex?! I don't understand. Maybe hubby and I are just too rough? It would never have been a possibility but it never occurred to me to even do it. Be like having sex at the dinner table 😯 one thing to have them in the same room but attached? What the? I just can't wrap my head around the logistics of it lol
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