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Sex and Personal hygiene

Any other ladies refuse their partner/husband sex if you know they have'nt showered all day ? I can stand if I know he has'nt showered in the morning or night he has no chance ! Hate the thought of been down in that area a getting whiff of anything !


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My hubby won't let me touch him unless he's had a recent shower (few hours at min) he says its a respect thing. Sometimes it drives me crazy but he's so sweet. I'm the same though - love being nice and clean for him.

No way! My BF is FIFO and he comes home stinking after a long day at work then a flight and drive home, I love how he smells.

No not really. As long as hes not smelly its fine. My husband likes when I smell of sweat after gym. I don't feel the same way about him though.

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Nope, couldn't care less. Mind you my husband works a white collar type job and doesn't get very sweaty/dirty.

quicky sex I can do but anything more and i need the shower, I would quite like to be clean down there so my husband can go to town on me. Same with him, although the bastard never seems to get smelly no matter what he does! Personal hygiene is such a big thing for me! We even have to shower after sex! My husbands hygiene has improved since we met, he even brushes his teeth every morning and night now thank god! He knows I have super sensitive smell and there would just be no sex, or if there was I wouldn't enjoy it! Works good for us as he always gets sex!
An ex boyfriend had horrible hygiene and never got the hint when I didn't want to kiss him or give him bj's. That relationship fizzled out pretty fast!

Mine works in demolition, so pretty physical stuff. He'll shower to go to work but never to go to bed. No sex for him.

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 I wouldn't even look at someone like that. Laziness and bad hygiene are two big no nos for me. I'd never be happy with anyone like that.
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Yep! I have refused a few times and now he just knows.