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CCS Balancing

Anyone have an idea of when Centrelink start to balance payments for last financial year? We did our tax returns last month and still nothing. I’m hoping i get some money back from the withholdings!


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They posted an update on Facebook saying they are being processed now and you should be receiving letters/payments in the coming weeks. Looks like some ppl are actually getting their money.

Lots of delays due to the new system. Haven't received anything yet & I don't think anybody has in regards to ccs... Soooo annoying

We did our tax early July and got our returns quick but no sign of CCS :/ it's been about a month now. Apparently they are starting to process them from mid august and it's taking longer because of the new system. I'm waiting on my refund of monies paid too. Guess they don't really like giving money back 😝

 Yep from mid August. They are manually checking random balancing to double check the new system has balance correctly so not about holding back money
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Is there anymore info out there? Im still waiting

 Me too :/ from what I've understood there was some kind if technical issue and they are manually processing a lot of the balances. It seems like the earlier you did your tax the longer you are waiting. People who did there tax in august have been getting their refunds quicker - well that is what it seems like going by all of the Facebook posts/updates.
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 Thanks thats helpful, i did mine first week of july.
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Anyone yet??

 Just looked on my centrelink app and I will recieve my ccs rebate in the next 5 days. Finally. Will be a big help.
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 How much are you getting back? I’ve heard people are getting way less than previous years
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 Just over a thousand. Which is right because I only had one of my kids in care for half a year. I'm a low income earner and over estimated more than I thought I would earn for the year. Maybe that has made a difference. I would advise people to have there balance checked if they think it is wrong.
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My ccs has been balanced but it doesn't say when I will get my balanced amount has anyone recieved there ccs money yet.

 No, mine still says pending :( looking at their Facebook Page it looks as though there are a few ppl who have the same balances message but I don't know that anyone has actually got their money back? Let us know go 😊
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 I have my actual balanced amount but they don't say when it will get paid. So angry it has taken so long. Will definitely let u know.
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 Im still waiting too.. and its driving me nuts! Cant get any info anywhere... where are you seeing ‘pending’?
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 Sorry, not pending - they haven't even looked at it yet...

"We haven't finished balancing your payments yet.
We have received all the information we need and will balance your payments as soon as we can."

That's in mygov --> centrelink --> my family --> childcare --> payments balancing.

I did my tax the first week of July and got my return a week or so later. Same with hubby. It's a bit beyond the joke now. I'd much rather they said they should be all finalised by "a certain date". At least we'd have something to work with.

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 ^^agreed! Ive been in limbo since 29 july!
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I stilll havnt got mine either, but called last week and the lady reckoned it would be done this week... Still nothing showing up on the app though

Anyone got an expected date on their account yet? I keep checking my mygov to see if it has changed. That % of withholding would be really useful about now.

 Mid August so I'd be expecting it in the next week or so
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 Yeah, I just wanted to see if anyone actually had anything on their account to see if they have actually started :/
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 Nope but bloody waiting on it right about now
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Yep they started processing these payments on 29 july, its on the mygov site... you’ll prob get the payment with your next family tax benefit after that date.

I think it was from July 29. Our daycare provider forwarded the info for it.