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Do you wear any form of PPE if you have to go out?


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Is anyone else seriously considering masks now? We're going food shopping this morning & i'm thinking about it. We have p2 masks (from the bushfires). If you read between the lines of what the Australian Medical officer said (not sure if that was his title) the only reason they're telling people not to is because they want them for front line staff. After the new study that revealed how far sneeze droplets can travel the Americans have been told to make them at home but our government is hanging us out to dry on this one.

P2 mask and disposable gloves. I keep antibacterial wipes with me, too.

Nah. I've been trying to get some Glen20 to disinfect the traffic light buttons, but that shit is rarer than hens teeth. We walk everywhere, and whilst I know we'll wash our hands and that we're not sick (well, I guess we're not sick) other people don't know that. That's the only PPE I'd consider effective really. We're trying to social distance from others, and we try not to touch our faces.

 Isn’t PPE stuff you wear like gloves, downs, face masks? Seeing people wear gloves and face masks in increasing numbers of late.

Washing hands is very effective. Probably more effective than Glen 20.

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 I use my elbows instead of my hands, wherever possible
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 I used my elbows before the virus came about!
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 Yeah especially in public toilets, even then I'd only use one in an emergency
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Yes, a mask in case I touch my face. Thorough hand washing once I get home.

Today I wore gloves as I had to empty my share the dignity box at my local Woolies and it had lots of rubbish in it. Otherwise no. I always carry hand sanitiser and have it in my car as well.