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How much do you spend on wash Cut Blow dry

Hubby had a fit me spending $50 every 8 weeks


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$50 is cheap but I only get it done every 4-5 months.

I think it's usually around $70-$80 when I get it done.
Saying that, I could count on one hand the amount of times I've had it done in the last 10 years as I mostly try and grow my hair long.
I think $50 is very reasonable, but maybe the frequency is the issue, depending on your circumstances?
If you're quite comfortable financially, than I don't think he has a right to get upset. But if you're living week to week, it might be a bit much?

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 Depends on the style of her hair too if its shorter it will neef cutting more often but then they save money on shampoo water etc
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Same as yours plus about 50 every 6-8 weeks for a colour touch up. I need to look neat and well presented for work so its essential tome. I think yours is very cheap compared to what most people pay!

 Eta friend is hairdresser thats why colour is cheap i only pay for product
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I do it all myself so just the cost of shampoo, conditioner, and electricity 😂

Mine is $80 every 6-8 weeks and that's pretty cheap. I've been to places when i was younger and it was 350 for cut and colour. So probably 120-150 for cut. If you can afford it then who cares, mum needs some RNR and to feel good for 5 mins

They saw you coming

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 That’s city prices in reputable salons
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 More money than sense
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 Well that’s debatable, no doubt you spend money on things I would find ridiculous, it’s about choices. I used to go to Trevor sorbet in London (not sure of spelling) and I would always get compliments on my hair from friends and strangers. I had weekly treatments and blowdrys as well. I always looked immaculate for work. Really expensive but worth every penny
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 I was young with no kids, others partied and i liked getting my hair done 🤷‍♀️ and yeah city prices
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 You are paying towards their overhead and wages and bills
Bet you got sucked in paying $90 for litre of shampoo and $90 for conditioner

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 Fk no only 30 😉
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 At Trevor Sorbie you pay for the experience as well, the convent garden salon is extremely fancy.
Getting a colour meant sitting in a lush little recliner with heat settings on the chair. magazines galore. Barista coffee and a cafe menu, canapés, champagne, cocktails. An assistant once went to the Australian shop nearby to get me some minties & a cherry ripe 😍
It’s like LV, Chanel, Gucci etc you pay for the experience in the price of the product.

Trevor and the other directors have all had many many years experience, some of them judge fashion week in Paris and many international hair awards.
I am not sure if Trevor is still taking clients as he would be in his 70s by now.

I am now a single mother and work part time in a smallish country town back in Australia. I get my hair done when I go to the city. It’s not even close to a Trevor Sorbie experience (or price) I sometimes get a wash and blow dry locally, my hair is really long and thick and it takes forever to do myself.

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I pay $120 for cut, wash, treatment, brows and my shampoo/conditioner every 6-8 weeks. I dye my own hair so that’s another 30-40 every 6-8 weeks. I have “extra long” hair, everything costs me 3 times the amount 😫

It cost me $190 today for a cut, colour (base/foils) treatment, style plus shampoo and conditioner for at home. I usually get a colour about every 10 weeks

Every 3-4weeks. I have regrowth done, wash, blowdry plus GHD straightening, trim if needed for $65 other places charge way more
Tell your hubby to settle down. If you were a bloke you’d be getting a haircut every 2 weeks for $25 I don’t know any blokes who get haircuts every 2 weeks. 6 weeks, sure.
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 Well I have 5 blokes here (4 of them being the kids lol) and they’re on a fortnightly roster 🤦🏻‍♀️
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 ^ are they related to Rapunzel?
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$150 every 6 weeks
$1200 a year

 Similar - $140 usually 8weeks apart.
That’s ‘cheap’ around my area too

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