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World ending

How and when do you think the world will end.
If you knew it was coming what would you do?
I just finished watching, seeking a friend for the end of the world. It's got me thinking.


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I think a virus like Ebola will wipe us out. When I find out I’m infected I will go to the lolly aisle in Coles and have a feast. No one will come near me because I have Ebola and I’ll be left alone to enjoy the lollies. I’ll probably hit up some other aisles too.

 Sounds good, ice cream aisle will be my spot
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Legit don't care because you should live each day like it's your last. Had someone pass away in the last year & i had the mortality wake up call. Get started on the things you want to do before you die now because you could drop dead tomorrow. Tick tock.. tick tock.

So the CSIRO released a report in 2018 about the changes that are going to happen in the next 20years, it's quite frightening. One is that we are already heading towards a food shortage due to climate change and land development, we are tipping the scales population wise, and our aging population is going to get a lot worse and become an economic burden. Now even though I have read this report, I believe the human race is smart enough to address some of these problems, but like everything in life, it all comes to an end. I don't think it will happen in our lifetime though.

 All the more reason the should allow euthanasia for the terminally ill.
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 Totally agree
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 I think it will still take a while for us to get there
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  Africans, Arabs and Asians should all be sterlised.
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 You forgot about Indians
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I think the next generation are going to have a very different lifestyle. The technology will be incredible, can you imagine how amazing TVs will be? People will probably only have one child due to expense, there won't be many sahms, the divide between rich and poor is going to be huge, as there won't be a lot of social security. The aging population will really suffer if they don't have huge amounts of super.

 Another view is that there will be a living wage provided, by Govt, as AI and robots take over almost all the jobs. That will be the basis, and some people will work in creative fields. But very few people will get the opportunity to earn enough money to survive. But humanity will have to stop overpopulating, and that world will run on logical fairness principles. I cant see humanity getting to grips with logic, and fairness, and long term strategic thinking. If you look at all the conflict in the world it has always been driven by emotion (including religion), and greed. Wars cost a fortune, massively destroy assets, and create enormous resentment that festers for generations, and creates the next war.
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The world, well human life, will end when AI take over and is advanced enough to enslave enough humans to survive and kill the rest of us. The governments and corporations in the meantime will track our every move through technology. GPS, wrist chips for bank cards, smart TVs. It’s endless and as technology advances it will be able to know what information to store and pass on to which ever body is going to exploit it.

I try and be in the present and live each day to get the most out of it each day. I have short term goals that I set for myself.

Don't they reckon 2050? I'm just gonna keep on keeping on until then. Why fuss? Walking around with 60 life straws won't stop the world being too fu***d to live on.

 What's going to happen in 2050?
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 Apparently earth will be uninhabitable for humans due to climate change.
Like, okay, pretty sure we survived an ice age before, and some pretty gnarly volcanoes too (f**k you Vesuvius). But yeah, rightio scientists, whatevs

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