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Opinions please

I am a sole parent with three kids, there is no weekend dad, kids are aged between 4,8,16. I have never had one day or night off from any of them, no complaints, it’s just how it is.

Heres my problem...

My neighbour lives with her husband and they have two kids, neither parent works or studies and they (expect) want me to drop their kid off and pick up everyday from school, they are taking the piss, right?


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Say no. Firmly. And stay away from them. Be cordial, but stay away from being too familiar and friendly because they will most definitely use and abuse you. Leeches 😫 Keep to yourself. Move as soon as you’re able!

They just have no idea. Tell them this is your quality time with your kids and it's precious. If they want to share the load you may be open, but as a single.mum doing everything you have to take care of your own first
Goodluck, navigating this is part of it I'm afraid.. been there..but being a single mum makes you tougher than most, you have it in you

 Also, when I say they have no idea they really mustn't have thought about your situation. I'd tell them your first paragraph
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 Thanks for this, really helpful, you’ve hit on something i couldnt find words for, im resenting it partly because it’s taking time away from my own kids, i love the chat on the way to school and home again, but with someone else’s child there it’s all different, and im missing that time!
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Simply say no as you don’t want to be responsible for a child that is not yours. That god forbid something should happen while driving or walking to school you do not want to live with a guilty conscience. Of course if you wanted to be a super polite neighbour you could probably offer some help on rainy weather or 40 degree heat. I get they’re not studying or working or own a car but whatever their circumstances are they clearly need some help. We can’t really tell if they’re using you or grateful to have a lovely family orientated neighbour next door who might be able to lend a hand.

This whole thing makes my skin crawl. How people like this can live with themselves is way beyond me. Il

Just say I don’t want to be responsible for another child and be done with it.
(At four they should be worried about getting their own damn kid there)

Totally trying to take advantage of you. Say no, or they'll be expecting other stuff too. They sound like the kind of people who'd get really pissy if you couldn't take the kid one day because you are sick or something. If they were willing to take turns (and had offered this from the start) then that would be a different story.

You sound amazing mumma ❤

 Awww thank you! 😊 Your comment will make me smile all day ❤️
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 You’re being used
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 Yeah, i think so too, im even losing sleep about it all!
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Absolutely. Say NO. I would never ask someone to do that

They sound lazy. If you agree, they seem like the kind of people who will ask for more. Definite and firm no.

 Thank you, for some reason i am feeling so guilty about saying no. But today is the day, im going to have to say something, because i am resenting having a ‘fourth’ child.
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What makes you think they expect ?

 Because i have a car and they dont they expect i can just take their kid too. Also the school is around the corner, 10 min walk.
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 And even on days that we decide to walk they want me to take their kid too, which i cant do and dont want to do, my kids are on bikes and im walking the dog and the 4 year old is all over the place, so another kid is just too much for me.
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 And we live in the middle of the city, so it’s peak hour when we are walking, it’s not a stroll through the suburbs
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 You wouldnt even have a car seat for them would you?
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I hope you say no. That’s horrendous behaviour from them, i hate that people like that exist. Say no because next you’ll be doing their shopping and dropping them off at appointments 😱

 Omg, she DID actually mention some shopping the other day too!!! 😱

Thanks everyone, think i just needed some validation!

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 Tell them to get online delivery
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Ask for $80 a week payment

 Lol, id be happy to do it then probably haha
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