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Do you just forget to do things for yourself?

I was doing so well at the start of this year. Lots of exercise, eating well, taking my vitamins every day. I was really focused on self care. Then slowly the habit of taking care of yourself is forgotten bit by bit until you realise like i did today all my energy was put into my kids & my husband & there was nothing left over for myself. Does anyone have advice to stop this failure to put yourself in the priority line?


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Forget, get in the shit, made to feel bad. I haven’t brought clothes, shoes, anything for myself in a long time. I always feel guilty. Haven’t even had my hair cut and I really need it as my hair is down to my butt

I think it is behavioral. You must first realize that you need to make time for yourself, we all do. Then you must give your self permission to prioritize yourself. Once you do those two things you will always make time to love yourself and it then becomes a habit. Good habits.

You need to look at your self care as an essential part of your day, not just something you do when you have time. Get up a bit earlier to exercise if you have to. Make healthy meal planning and prep a part of your day, something that benefits the whole family. And if you’re eating properly you don’t need to take vitamin

 I know you're right. When i say vitamins I've just simplified for the post it's for cartilage repair & joints i have slight problems with my knees & family history of arthritis & knee problems.
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