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a question for any farmers wives out there

Just curious, how much housework do you do and how much housework does you farmer husband do? And how many hours does you husband work a day? I realise different times of the year are worse (like now with cropping, drought/feeding animals and animals being born) but on average I guess.


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My husband is seeding at the moment so I do everything he literally is working 18 hours a day. Obviously that is not all year, about 6 months of the year is flat out busy, then 3 months is busy but not excessively, then the other 3 months of the year is quiet. I don't expect or want him to do anything at home while he is working stupid hours.

 But during the quiet times does he help in the house? And I find it funny you call it seeding, we call it cropping or sowing. It's interesting how different areas call it different things.
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 WA is seeding 😂. Yes I offload everything when it's quiet but the kids are so used to coming to me for everything.
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Dairy farmer here. My husband is working 16 a 18 hour days, ATM. He doesn't even empty the dishwasher. I have a part time job 7.30-2.30, then come home and help milk, then do the regular chores. However, something snapped this week (the state of the house) and i hired a house cleaner to come once a week there's only so much that I can do. You should do the same.

 You so deserve that house cleaner! Dairy farming is tough!!
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Because I've just had a baby by c section, I've had my husband and a jackaroo doing everything, including bus run. But normally, hubs is helping with homework, taking out rubbish and the yard work. Because these are things he can do no matter the season. When Its quite he tends to do really deep cleaning and house maintence. Anything else is up to me