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Ben wa balls- do they actually work?

I want to hear stories if they work or not? To help strengthen muscles, AND increase orgasm as the claim to?
So then.. what brand do you recommend?


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I just bought some and popped them in.. I didn’t get any tingly feelings or anything... definitely made me do Kegals tho hahaha

 Haha good to know! Thanks!
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 Are they hard to remove? Are there instructions for how far to insert them 🤔
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 Depends on the size I guess. Apparently the smaller they are the harder they are to keep in there. I just grabbed some off the shelf not really bothering to look at size lol they were wuite bigger than I expected but actually went in fine with a bit of lube. There was no instruction booklet but the box said one at a time (they’re attached to eachother) Abd I just pushed them up as far as I would a diva cup.
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