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Has anyone gone privately and paid to have one? Or found a dr that would? I’m 40 with 3 teenage kids and I don’t want to be on birth control anymore


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Go and see your gp & get a referral for a gynaecologist. Based on your age & the fact it’s not medically necessary, you may also need to seek counselling before getting your hysterectomy. Make sure you have done your research & have all your ducks lined up before you do this.
Pros & cons of you having this procedure done? Are there other less invasive options you can consider? Pros & cons of your husband getting the snip instead? Who can help you while you recover? Will you need someone to drive your kids around? Have you looked into Hormone Replacement Therapy if you need it? Are you ready to jump straight into menopause?

Having a hysterectomy is not like shaving your head because you don't want to wash your hair any more. You'd be hard pressed to find a surgeon to do it without good cause

OP The cause is I don’t want anymore kids so why should I have to have worry about birth control and periods till menopause
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 ^ because that is not a medically valid reason for a hysterectomy. You can ask to
Have your tubes tied though.

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Not wanting to be on birth control is not a reason to get a hysterectomy. You will have to be on tablets any way with hormone replacement. I am going through menopause now and I can tell you that being on the pill is nothing compared to this shit.

 Omg im so scared of menopause
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Do you really want to push yourself into menopause 10 years early?

Dry vagina
No libido
Weight gain
Brittle bones
Hair growing everywhere
Plus loads more horrendous physical issues- google it

So many other options rather then ruining your whole life, because you dont want to take birth control anymore.

Hysterectomy is pretty major surgery and can have serious complications.
Start with a tubal ligation or insertion of a marina. Still risks which your doctor will be able to discuss with you, but much safer than hysterectomy.
Safer still is your partner having a vasectomy, but depends on your relationship status and partners willingness.

Get a referral and see a gynaecologist and see what your options are. I get annoyed with having periods now im done having babies too. Perhaps look into going overseas and getting it done in a few years?

 I suggested overseas because a couple of my husbands friends wanted vasectomies and couldn't get it done here, so went to Thailand and got it done.
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Hey op. How did you go? Did you manage to find someone who will do your hysterectomy?

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It causes other medical issues so they don't do it for no good reason. Im looking into endometrial ablation, maybe you could consider that. But my issue is heavy periods not just birth control. Im early 40s with 3 kids.

 I had an ablation for the same reasons, it was great for a few years then my period came back just as heavy as before now I'm waiting for a hysterectomy
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My mum had a hysterectomy in her 30s (so about 30 years ago), but it was due to heavy bleeding. They leave your ovaries in as they produce hormones, so she would still get period pain whenever I got my period.

 Lol. Your poor mum. I get pain when my daughter has hers too 😱
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I had my tubes tied

 How were your periods after? I heard they can get really heavy in some women.
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 My periods changed after, but I had it done during a c sect so the change could be due to having a baby or my age.
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My mum had one it does mess with your hormones, you may need hormone therapy. My husband got the snip far less to worry about.

I'm 42 and having a hysterectomy later this year my gyno recommended it to me after I had problems from having my tubes tied 5 years ago