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He hasn’t added me on Facebook?

My boyfriend hasn’t added me on Facebook and most likely doesn’t have pictures of us on there. What’s your thoughts? Is confronting too controlling


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Don’t care what these other posters say! That’s weird!! What’s there to hide that he doesn’t add you. I bet all the above who gets would be upset at their partners. I would ask! What’s the worst that could happen

It's Facebook... Not everybody loves on/through Facebook. If you don't believe you are strong enough as a couple to not have it plastered all over Facebook - take a good hard look at yourself.

Maybe he is thinking "my girlfriend hasn't added me on Facebook". Add him and see what happens. If he denies it then yeah, that's weird.


2019 - These are hard hitting issues people.


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I think it is strange if he is a regular Facebook user. Have you sent him a friend request?

Personally i hate Facebook. I hate it when my husband puts me on there. If he really wants to I have photo approval.

Husband and I are not connected on Facebook at all. Relax.

Have you sent a friends request and does he actually use Facebook. I know people with accounts but they don't use them

How long have you been together?

 1.5 years
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He sees you as a girlfriend nothing more. He is open to trading up.

Does he work in a job where it would place you at risk? I have one of those jobs where I’d prefer im not able to be found on social media. I have a fake name on facebook for that reason and am a silent voter etc...

 Silent voter? I didn't even know you could do that. Are you a spy?
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 What is a silent voter?
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It's facebook for crying out loud.

Get a fking life.

 So you can comfortably say that if you were with someone for 1.5years and hey didn't want you on social media you would be fine with that??
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It depends on how important he thinks FB is to know if this is an issue or not. Have you had a look at his profile? That might tell you.