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For those who feed past one

Genuinly curious how often do they feed??


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My 18 month old Feeds probably around 4-6 times a day. Though she would feed every moment I sit down if she was allowed.

 Haha my 22mnth old is the same, total boob addict. Half the time it takes him longer to get in my shirt then he actually spends attached
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mine were all approx 2 feeds at 12 months, 1 feed at 13-14 months, and dropped it of their own accord about 15 months. I highly recommend gradual weaning, your boobs dont hurt!

My friend had a 2 and a half old. She says she feeds him more than 10 times a day...

 That's as often as you'd feed a 6 week old...
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Mine fed as often as he could. Boob addict. If I was with him he would basically feed any time I sat down or bent over rear him.

 Slave much?
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 Haha yep. He certainly has me wrapped around his little finger. Lucky he is bloody cute
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 its not actually good for them to feed too much past 12 months as they miss out on other nutrition (not saying you did that). Breastmilk is a main source of nutrition up to 12 months but after that it should transition to solids being the main source of food.
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 ^ to the idiot who said breastmilk should not be the main source of nutrition- you have mistaken that info for formula feeding babies AND you are totally ignorant. Breastmilk is a complete food and babies will not "overfeed" or become overweight from indulging in breastmilk. The WORLD HEALTH organisation reccomends breastfeeding past the age of 2.
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 Why call her an idiot, that's just silly overreaction. Personally my daughter is almost 3 and I feed her twice before nap and before bed. I actually think she doesn't get much nutrition because my diet is sucking
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I've found that all 3 were different. 1 very rarely fed after 1 and self weaned at about 14mnths. 2. Fed till almost 2 but would only have it to fall asleep. 3. Is now 22 months and has snacks multiple times a day and during the night but only settles long enough for a proper feed before bed and his afternoon nap. The other times are more just a comfort thing. It's like he's just checking to make sure he can still get it lol

From 12 months until I managed to wean at 24 months, I fed before bed and again during the night.

Thanks I couldn't remeber I fed my eldest till 2 and a half.
Iv got a nine month old who feeds 4-6 times a day.
I was just struggling to remebr how much I fed as she got older. I remeber a bit more now and only tapered off past 1 and a half it must have been- maybe even a bit older

My boy fed until 18 months. He fed first thing in the morning and last thing at night (in the last 6 months).
I was determined to only have him feeding as often as my older son had bottles.
Plus I liked not having to wear nursing clothes and bras all day, but still having the convenience of still breastfeeding.

My 15 month old only feeds twice - before bed and once overnight.

4-5 times a day, 2 were more comfort feeds. They started dropping a feed from about 14months.

At 12 months my babies would have a morning feed one mid afternoon and one before bed. Second baby would also have one through the night. Around 13 months he dropped the mid afternoon and night feed then about 15 months i stopped the before bed feed. The morning feed was last to go around 17 months.