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I am a nearly 40 year old woman & i can't find a decent foundation for my skin. Help.

So i don't have heaps of money. The most i usually spend is $30. I'm aging obviously & i'm also prone to oily skin especially when it's humid. What does everyone else use? I feel like i'm chasing a dream here.


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I use Revlon an anti aging one and I don't put it on everywhere, just the areas that need it, I also then put dusty girls powder on the top and use a blender to blend it all in. Revlon is about $30 and dusty girls is $24

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I use the Nude by Nature mineral powder over sunscreen - it isn't heavy and doesn't settle into lines.

 Thank you
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 I would try this out before buying, heaps of people swear by it but I find it soooo drying it feels awful on for me.
Worth a try but try before you buy!!

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 Hi sahm commenter. Does nude by nature sponsor your site or pay for advertising? Curious.
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 Commentor - you sure have trust issues don't you?
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 I’ve used nude by nature for years it’s brilliant especially if you use a nice primer
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I only use nude by nature. It is great for where we live. Always humid.

I'm 46 and also have oily skin when humid. I use Revlon colourstay, get it at Priceline for about $30.

I use NARS but it’s not within your budget. It’s around $70-80 I can’t remember but it’s is my ‘dream’ foundation. Maybe go into a Mecca store or a Priceline and ask for help; or even to trial some

I have naturally oily skin, and I have tried everything on the market, and I just break out in spots the next day after wearing makeup. I might wear it for a special occasion, and then put up with a 3 day breakout.
Even moisturisers give me spots, but I find the serums are great.
I am over 50, so will be getting a laser treatment to remove age blemishes this winter. Apparently that also stimulates collagen, so it lifts the skin as well as cleaning it of blemishes.
But it is not cheap.
Aldis entire skin range was evaluated well by Choice, and it is all very cheap.
It might be worth a try.

A good Primer helps a lot. I use Maybelline one, it's a silicon base. Fills in pores and fine lines. I also use Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless. You can get it real Cheap from chemist warehouse when it's on special. Use a translucent powder and a setting spray.

Maybe once a year, splurge a bit. My go to high end make up is Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation. A little bit goes a long way and very humid weather friendly. I got caught in a rain storm (winds and heavy rain slapping me in the face kinda storm) and my foundation didn't streak. 😁

I use revlon full cover. It’s the only make up that doesn’t give me bad break outs. Also look for a good primer. The revlon one is great and light. Look at how you apply. Get a good quality beauty blender and brushes.

Nearly 40? Get a facelift. Otherwise your throwing good money after bad. No one looks at 40 year old woman anyway so don't waste your time or money.

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 I am 44 next week and far needing a facelift
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