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Middle name for Jamie

Hi, we are deciding on boys names and I really like Jamie, but I can't seem to find a middle name that suits! My partner suggested Robert as it's a family name but I really don't think Jamie Robert flows nicely! Any suggestions? Can't be Alexander and we only want one middle name. Thanks ladies


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We have a Jamie, but his full name is James Robert. Hubby wanted to call him J.R. When he was born, he was clearly a Jamie, not a J.R. in our opinions. I like formal names that have multiple nickname choices because, as adults, our children will have a choice. He can be jim, jimmy, James, Jamie, JR....

Jamie Lee

 This is the first thing i thought of... but jamie lee Curtis is probably why
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Jamie Alexander can make weird initials depending on your last name just saying..
and so on.
I have a friend who's nicknamed Saggy because her initials spell SAG and someone in her family thought it was funny so it stuck.

Middle name should only have one syllable to make it flow. So, Joe, Kim, Ray, Lee, Bob, Dave, Stu, Craig, Bill, Will, Seth.

Jamie George
Jamie William
Jamie Luke
Jamie Koa
Jamie wolf
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Callum
Jamie Hugh
Jamie jordan
Jamie Oliver
Jamie caleb
Jamie Orlando
Jamie oden

 Had to laugh at Jaime Oliver 😝
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I think jamie robert flows well. Perhaps its once you add the surname it doesnt flow as well

Chester, Bentley, ? Dunno I think I agree with one syllable names.
Todd, John, Joe, Etc

Jamie Samuel
Jamie Matthew
Jamie Michael
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Hudson
Jamie Connor
Jamie Harrison
Jamie Dylan

 I don't feel like any of these flow
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Name him James officially. No one wants to be an adult called Jamie.

 I'm sure Jamie Oliver doesn't mind
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 Why not? I know a few, must have been popular in 80s. And they don't mind
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