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How do you feel seeing pregnant women with a nice tummy ? Seeing their body 3 weeks after birth with trimmed body ?


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Couldn't care less, doesn't affect my life at all.

They don't necessarily have a nice tummy. I lost my pregnancy weight in less than a week though still had a big tummy. Three weeks after I was thinner than before I was pregnant, it's just something that happens to me. Though I might look slim, I'm not toned I'm saggy under my clothes. Certainly not turning any heads at school drop off 😂.

 I am fit
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I know this doesn’t help, but I managed to drop a staggering 30 kilos during one of my pregnancies. From 110 down to 80. I looked awesome 👏 yep, totally blowing my own horn 🎺


What do you feel, OP?

 If you got off your arse and didn’t eat like a pig before and during pregnancy you wouldn’t be jealous
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 I am the taunt and terrific mum everyone is jealous off
Have noticed more dads doing school run
Wonder if the partner knows it’s cause I am their eye candy before they go home to look at the hippo at home

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 ^ 😂ok.

So I guess then you’re just looking for a fight? So your feeling is.... angry?

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 Yep...and this is why I haven't been on this site for weeks, it's full of pathetic air heads😒
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 Same, it's ridiculous. Will go back to Mumsnet.
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