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After the birth of your second child, how long after your hospital stay did your eldest come back to to you? If somebody else was caring for them.

I’m just curious as to why everybody else has done. I had my second at 6pm on a Wednesday, released from hospital 9pm Thursday and my eldest came home Friday lunch time. I was alone with both of them after that until my partner finished work, so not even 48 hours postpartum and I was alone with the kids.


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My eldest stayed at home with dad while I was in hospital having the baby and they came to pick us up. We were all together from then. So same day.

I don’t know, the day after I came home? Hubby had work. The sooner I found my routine with our newborn and 2 yo the better.

The first never went away? I stayed in hospital and dad at home with Child number 1. So when I left hospital with baby 2 we went home and were altogether. Hubby had a few weeks off though so I wasn’t alone with both kids until he went back to work

Had baby in the morning, was home with hubby and sibling in the afternoon.

My Mum looked after my oldest child while my husband was with me during labour but once he left the hospital he cared for him (and bought him to the hospital for visits) until I got home. My husband went away for work when my baby was nearly 2 weeks old.

Same as you for the second but I was happy to get into a routine and missed being with my first child. I started her 2 days daycare at the start of the year so when bub 2 came along she still went to daycare like normal. She enjoyed showing off her little brother. These two days it was just me and the baby time to bond. It also gave her the opportunity to get attention from others and play with her friends.

When I had my 2nd, my 1st was dropped at the hospital in the morning at 7am and pick up at 8pm, everyday I was in. Rollon 3rd baby and in hospital.... oh wait I had 1st and 2nd dropped at 7am and picked up at 8pm each day. Rollon baby number 4 and in hospital.... with 1st 2nd and 3rd from 7am -8pm. Roll on baby number five and in hospital .... with 1st 2nd 3rd and 3th dropped at 7am and picked up 8pm. Just so the Dad could go to worm a d do whatever he wanted to do during the day.
Baby factory shut, ex gone... and moving on. My parents and sister cut out of our lives as they were never any support or help. Refused to babysit or assist in any way.
So in answer to your question... I never was gifted the chancee of peace and quiet to settle in home and someone to look after my others.
My kids are my world!

Hubby took 2 day off work. The first to watch our eldest and the 2nd to bring us home from the hospital. I was home the next day with both kids with hubby helping. Day 3 he was back at work and I was on my own.

I think it depends on the birth though. I think a complicated birth or Mum still sick would need more time to heal.

My first stayed with my mother the first night after our second was born. Hubby stayed at the hospital that night. Then she was home with him and his parents (who stayed a few days). I was in hospital I think from Wednesday to Saturday. My hubby took 2 months off to stay home with us.

Hubby put in for 2 weeks leave. Gave his boss the heads up on my due date, but leave started as soon as I went into labour.
Kid #1 was looked after by sister (mum was with me at hospital)
He came to visit
And was home when I got home from hospital with a welcome home sign.
It was beautiful, it makes it more doable when you have support. Had another 2 babies after that.

After birth my eldest came home same day, I had c-section and felt so weak but had zero help, I was ok with it though. The worst was after I needed a large part of my stomach removed...I won’t go into details but I was in hospital for 4 days and my MIL looked after my 5 year old at the time. The 4th day I was sent home on heavy opioids as the pain and scars /stitching was so intense I could barely leave the bed. The surgeon kept asking if I was sure I would have help the next few weeks and because I wasn’t sure I just replied that I did. What else could I do? My MIL who doesn’t work (just volunteers ocadsionally and has no health problems) dropped my son to me the day I arrived home. I was happy to have my son back home but it was so hard, every time I tried to use the toilet I thought I’d faint from the pain....the opioids made me so drowsy It would make me pass out intermittently and with a 5 year old I couldn’t do that. After a week I let my MIL know how I was feeling, she just replied ‘try to rest’ it was pure hell for 3 weeks until pain started slowly subsiding. I’ll never forget the lack of help I received during the worst time of my life.
I guess I was expecting her to be a little more caring because she was helping all these other ppl when the only time I really needed someone no one cared.

I dont understand the issue? Did you not feel up to caring for them at that stage? If so, perhaps you should have asked for help or got your eldest to stay wherever he was a little longer or got you husband to take personal leave? People arnt mind readers. Geez be good if they were though hahaha

 There was no issue, I was completely up to caring for them at that stage. I was just curious. Not everything is a dig at something...🙄
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 So it was a humble brag then
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 No it wasn’t a brag 🙄 I was literally just curious about what other people did.
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Mum brought my eldest home as soon as we were home from the hospital.
I missed my eldest and couldn't wait for him to meet the baby (had the baby late one night and was home the next morning).

I had 4 kids and I was always back to the older ones once out of hospital. We had very little support, consider yourself lucky you got half a day.

I had an emergency c-section on a Saturday and came home on the Monday my hubby had 2 weeks off but my eldest was with us the day I came home.