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Vego dinners that don't have carbs

I need some vegetarian dinners that don't have heaps of carbs eg pasta, rice, potatoes. Or any Facebook or instagram pages I can follow. I want to start eating less meat but need meal ideas the don't rely on carbs to bulk up the meal. No avocado, I'm allergic to it.


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Cauliflower steaks
Cauliflower pizza bases
Stir fry
Vegie bake
Vegie and chickpea curry
Spag bol/ savoury mince with lentils and
mushrooms instead of mince

 Can you enlighten me on what a cauliflower steak is? Sounds intriguing
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 Is just cauliflower cut in a steak shape and cooked
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OP What sort of vegie bake do you do?
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Cauliflower fried rice
Salmon patties
Tuna patties
Salads with heaps of veg plus cheese / egg / black beans etc
Soup (no bread)

 salmon? tuna?
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 Yum I'm going to make tuna patties now thanks for suggestion 🐠
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SOoooo many ways to have it, just have to get the hang of cooking it, and its very filling.

OP Thanks I haven't had much success cooking with tofu
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You know that vegetables are carbs right?

OP Of course that's why I said heaps of carbs eg rice, pasta, potatoes
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Quinoa salads, roast pumpkin salad or stir fry without noodles or rice

Quiche & salad - I love using asparagus and mushrooms - you could do it with or without a shortcrust base.


Salads - bulk up with beans, cheese etc

Pan fried haloumi with salad or vegetables

 Also can bulk up salads with boiled eggs for protein
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Frittata or veg slices, low carb and light, great with a salad