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What kind of Christmas tree do you have?


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One I got from ikea years ago and wanted to finally replace this year but this year finances are tight so not really an option. :(

A three foot black and silver one we got about 13 years ago. We don't bother with anything too fancy as we generally go away for a week or two over Xmas/New Year. Probably put it on the kitchen bench again this year so my 1.5yo can't reach it.

A free one I got off facebook last year that came with lights! 🎄

Bought it from target 13 years ago on sale right after Xmas. Still going strong

One that’s giving me anxiety because little hands keep grabbing at decorations that they themselves have put on so only the bottom part is decorated 😆

Like an $80 Kmart one. It’s prelim so we plug it in and it’s lit up already. No fu****g around with light skin to go around the tree

No idea brought in the new year sales at myers about 10 years ago. Was a good tree at the time. I try to take good care of it because i'm too cheap to buy another.