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Part Games

What are some ideas of fun party games for a 6 year olds party?
The only ones I can think of are pass the passle and musical chairs/ statues


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In addition to games, I set up activities for kids to do like a big colouring in poster taped to the wall, beading station (wooden beads were not too small) and a pile of paper crafts to do (like those paper animal kits from the reject shop). They were great to do as people arrived before the games started and kids went back to them as they finished eating but others were still going. It was a good ice breaker.

 Icing and decorating biscuits is always a hit too!
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 Great ideas! But taping a poster on the wall..... that’s asking to have your wall drawn on, is it not?
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 None of the kids drew on the wall when I did it, they were all kindy age. The poster was one of the big ones from Kmart and it was pretty tall and wide - they would have to really try to draw on the wall lol
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 Oh ok.. well I like the idea
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Pin the tail on the donkey, treasure hunt, apple bobbing in bucket of water, donuts tied up on clothes line and have to eat without using hands to steady it, passing balloons along a line of people balloons must be passed under chin to chin without hands being used, pinatas