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Do you get angry and pissed off at stupid things ?

My ex was having a hissy fit when the tv remote control shit it self and had to buy new one that day


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Sometimes. Usually it’s after a bad couple of days where I’m just ready to explode and the littlest thing is what sets me off.

lots of people on knife edge at the moment due to the CV

It's your ex. Why do you care?

 I’m sure she doesn’t care, probably just sitting back living the good life and remembering the bad times with her ex and then this just popped into her mind.
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I am big time at the moment. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and everything is pissing me off hahahaha

 Lol & congrats ❤
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If I'm tired, if everything is going wrong, if it's just seemingly one crap thing after another, yes, I can lose it because it's the straw that broke the camel's back.

If it's a normal day, where I'm cruising along, it's like 'meh, bugger, oh well, we can get a new one'.