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Gotten pregnant to a ex

My ex and I are on really good terms, we have a 2 year old together. A few months ago we were at a mutual friends wedding.... quite a few drinks later we ended up in bed together. I missed my period and I took a test and its positive. I have told him but we arent getting back together. Im just wondering how you dealt with it.


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Added bonus your kids will have the same dad, you will not have to juggle two if you get along well that is a bonus.
Not judging anyone else that doesn't just pointing out some bonuses.
Make expectations clear before yhe hormones kick in 😉

My friend did. They had four girls and were separated. He came back for the fifth. Was a boy. She regrets it to this day twenty years later. Keep the baby. F**k off the ex. Good your kids will have the same dad.

I did to my kids dad. We talked about getting back together but it would have been a disaster. I decided on an abortion. I still regret it to this day. I would have loved that baby but at the time had very bad depression and anxiety.

You will find a way to deal with it. Many are in your situation. Just talk to each other and find a solution with custody and money for bub. Don't worry, a couple of years and it will be fine.

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