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Butt Acne

How do get rid of butt acne? I have never had any type of acne before in my life. But the past month I seem to have acne on my butt!
Help?!? It's yuck I hate it


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Try not wearing makeup for a few days, it might help.

There are actually a few different causes and conditions that can be considered "butt acne" so it can be a bit trial and error to figure out what it is in your case.

I struggled with it for a year and wrote a blog about it after I finally managed to clear it all up.

Short answer was that for me: a strong AHA-based product was the single best thing I did

But there are a number of things. I listed what I tried and what helped/didn't help.

Don't give up!

 Just had a read thanks :)
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Benzac body wash daily but make sure you moisturise too and don’t wear tight clothing it rubs

I get butt rashes/pimples if I wear any type of underwear other than cotton.
Lace is the worst for me. If treatments don't help, try and figure oput whats triggering it.
Like different fabric-types of underwear, did you recently change your washing powder or shower gel/soap, new bed sheets?, or removed/added something from your diet?

Try using a gentle loofah with some goats milk soap in the shower. Put on some 100% cotton undies on for the next few days and see how you go.