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Hep me stop thinking so much ?

lately my husband and I sex life has decreased ( we don’t have kids but are trying ivf) he has increased work to ensure there is coverage and has a lot of stress also he hasn’t slept well in months. I worry ( my head running away with me rather than a gut feeling) that he is cheating but then realise he wouldn’t do that. Then I worry ( again not a gut feeling just too much thinking) that he might be gay because we have a gay friend and he likes a lot of his posts ( I am aware how crazy and stupid and illogical this is). Tonight we had sex and he didn’t get hard my playing with him but when he went down on me it then lead to some good sex in our favourite position doggy style. But now my head won’t stop thinking he just wanted it that way so he wouldn’t have to look at me and could think about men. this is 100% crazy and I need to stop thinking so much! Part of me feels like I am not good enough because of having to do ivf so why would he want me. I think I need to see someone again


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Whoa cowgirl, why wouldn't he want you?!!!
I am sure he was loooving the view doing it in that position. He wouldn't put you through all this IVF if he doesn't adore you and want to be with you. My guess is that he's just tired, plain worn out. How about next quiet moment you have just tell him to hear you out and just let it all come out. Then it'll be possible solved. He'll prob realise you need extra love and care at the moment.
Have a look at yourself. He'd be crazy not to spend his life with you! It'll be okay.
And good luck on your ivf journey ❤

 Also, let him know that you are there for him. Working long hours, not sleeping well and the pressure of the IVF will be taking it's toll of hubby too. From what I can gather (outside looking in) you both love each other very much and are trying to start a family to share that love around a little more. Talk with him, listen to him. Maybe a little 2-3 night escape to a hotel in the country or something would help. Take time for each other. Good luck friend x
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Ivf, are you in hormones? They will do your head in! When you have a crazy thought, write it down and come back to it in a day or two with a clearer head.

 Agree. Hormones are messing with your head.
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I probably wouldn’t accuse him of being gay, that would probably be an even bigger boner killer lol. Just tell him you are feeling insecure and know you’re overthinking things, but need some reassurance.

You are both under a lot of pressure, give yourself a break and try to spend some time together doing something you both enjoy