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Does anyone else hubbies foreskin stay up when giving head?

I much prefer it. He's not small I've had a scary big have to have sex a certain way penis and a finger size penis. And about 10 in between hubby is defiantly high average size maybe small big. But his foreskin only retracts if I make it which I never do cos it grosses me out. He prefers just tickling the top of his dick of hitting to top on my younger or mount his that normal lol


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My hubby's foreskin stays up too it doesn't bother us the first time having sex without a condom was a little uncomfortable for him but now it's fine and no problem with giving him head either. If it doesn't hurt or bother your hubby then it's fine.

My hubby is uncut and his generally only retracts once he's really hard. When he's in between it's still up. It's honestly never bothered me or him, and he doesn't mind when I retract it for him when I'm sucking him off, makes him a little more sensitive I find too. I still love it! ;)

My husbands foreskin moves up and down soft or hard. I actually really like moving it up and down over the head when playing with it. Rarely smells to be honest, but I'm not going to give him a BJ when he's just got back from the gym !! His foreskin is quite long so when he cums, sometimes there is a lot of it still inside his foreskin afterwards even if he cums in me. When he pulls it out of me his foreskin always goes back over his head as it comes out ?? Is this normal ?? I guess it is.

 Hi, yes that is normal. My husband has a nice long foreskin and it always goes over his head when he pulls it out of me. He has said it’s uncomfortable to be back all the way but it isn’t tight
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 My hubby is uncut. His covers while his soft and normally retracts when hard or one of us will , he loves it pulled down tightly when having a bj, his very clean but and we normally have a shower together before bed , he cleans himself up after sex before pulling it back over
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 My DH always puts his penis in me with his foreskin covering the head. He says it goes in easier that way and same as above it always seem to come out covering too. I've been with a few circumcised guys many years ago (in my early 40s) and they seemed to be a bit dry compared to my man so push a bit harder to go in if that makes sense. What is it with them always wanting to cum inside you..... we then have to clean up :-( My hub also always cums inside me, he says it's the best feeling ever. If it makes him happy thats good for me LOL but just a bit messy.
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Yes, my DH’s foreskin stays up most of the time. It isn’t tight or anything and can be pulled down easily he says it’s just uncomfortable when it is back. I like it when it up and covering the head

If your both happy with it, what does it matter?

 Just curious . It's been 17 years so I forget if the other guys who were uncut did this too
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 I'd say it would vary hugely, every mans foreskin is different I'd say! Iv had men's that stayed mostly up, and ones that retracted very easily.
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My ex was uncut but he never washed it properly and it fu****g stunk all the time.
I has literally put me off dudes with foreskins for life

 Don’t let that ruin it, I have had one bad experience with a stinky foreskin but I still much rather them over circumcised.
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 My ex stunk too. I had to have a conversation with him about washing his dick. His mother never told him he had to. My current partner is cut and i could eat that all day
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 How do people get to adulthood and not know they need to wash their disks. Way to blame mum for being lazy
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